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Computer Program: Definition, Examples, and Modes

Last updated: Jun 20, 2024

What Is a Computer Program?

A computer program is a set of instructions used to execute certain tasks, so as to produce the appropriate output. 

To write a computer program, a programmer or software developer must learn basic mathematical concepts. This is because different tasks require different programs. 

Normally, computer programs are stored on accessible storage on the computer. Then, the computer gets one instruction, executes it, and gets another one. 

The idea of program storage was introduced by John von Neuman, a mathematician of Hungarian descent in the 1940s. 

So, how does a computer program work? First, the program will understand the given task, and then create pseudocode. Pseudocode is a simply written description of the programming algorithm. 

After that, when it has understood the task, a computer program will be executed with a programming language. 

Meanwhile, computer programming is the process of creating a computer program to perform the task instructed using a programming language. Some types of programming languages that you can use are Python, Java, and so on.


How to Create a Computer Program?

The other information besides what is a computer program that you need to know is how to create a computer program. 

When creating a program, you will write some code in a programming language. In this case, the statement language is the source of the program. Then, you collect the program source using a compiler language. 

The result of the collection of programs is called an object program, module, or compiled program. 

The program object consists of strings of 0 and 1, which is called machine language and is used by the logic processor. 

A computer's machine language is built by the language compiler with an understanding of the computer's logic architecture, including the set of computer instructions or the number of bits in an instruction. 


Modes in Computer Programs

After learning about what is a computer program, let's understand the modes that exist in computer programs. 

Computer programs have two types of modes, which are interactive mode and batch mode. The explanation is as follows. 


1. Interactive Mode

Computer programs with this mode examine a statement and produce output at one time. This mode is useful for writing and testing a statement at once. 

The data comes from the interactive user or another program that stimulates the interactive user. 

The output of this mode is affected by the last instruction you gave. Due to its short and concurrent work, this mode is suitable for writing very short lines of code. 

On the other hand, this mode is not recommended for solving large problems because the instructions associated with solving large problems cannot be saved and cannot be restored.

Another drawback of this mode is that since the program is created at one time, you cannot use it in the future. If you want to use it again, you need to recreate the statements.

Examples of interactive mode computer programs are browsers and command interpreters. 


2. Batch Mode

Batch mode develops a collection of instructions in a single unit that must be saved with the appropriate programming extension and file name. 

This mode is widely used to improve efficiency because it can complete a large program or a set of programs with a lot of data without manual intervention. 

Generally, batch mode is used for business or research applications where instructions are numerous and must be processed in a specific order. 

Unlike the interactive mode that cannot be used in the future, batch mode data can be saved and used again at any time. 


Example of Computer Program Application

Besides knowing what is a computer program, you also need to know examples of its application so that you can apply it to your program. Below is an example of a computer program:


1. Internet Browser

A browser is a program that you can use to access search engines or other websites.

In order to get the results you want, you need to enter keywords in the search bar. Computer programs are instrumental to the creation of web technologies such as browsers because to create a website, developers must create different programs and put them together. 


2. Communication Software

Devices that facilitate communication require codes to maintain their functions and features, such as providing a good connection and video quality.


3. Project Management Tools

This service makes it easy for you to schedule work with colleagues so that collaboration between teams for a project can run smoothly. 

This tool is also not limited by time and distance, so it can be used by all staff, whether they work in the office or work from home. 


4. Digital Spreadsheet

Applications like Google Spreadsheet are examples of digital spreadsheets that can store a lot of numerical data. This application makes it easy for business people to store financial data and calculate it effectively. 

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