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What Is SERP? Definition, Component, and Optimization

Last updated: Oct 17, 2022

What Is SERP?

Search Engine Result Page or SERP is a page displaying sites that are relevant to keywords that users type in search engines. The term Search Engine Result Page applies to all search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Functions of SERP

From SEO’s point of view and technically, SERP functions to show keywords ranking, page title, meta-desc, search snippet, and the competitors of a certain website.

Generally speaking, SERP functions to answer users’ questions in search engines.

SERP features

  1. Carousel feature (usually displayed in F&B, Books, Public Figures, Movies, etc)
  2. Knowledge Graph (on the right side on the desktop version and on the top on the mobile web, usually displays important information, companies, public figures, maps, countries’ information, etc.)
  3. Location (on the top on desktop and mobile web versions)
  4. Video Section (the place is flexible on users’ questions, frequently in the center and at the top)
  5. News Story (section for news from online publishing)
  6. Search Snippet Page (a short snippet from a web shown in the results)
  7. Gallery (does not always appear, section types may vary, usually appears at the top and on the center)
  8. Related Search (at the bottom, right after pagination)

Types of Search Intent

The SERP appearance is not always in lists, but in some cases, it will show other results in addition such as:

  • Transactional ⟶ Trading, E-Commerce, purchasing goods. Transactional displays from keywords of the brand, price, and brand’s product. I
  • Informational ⟶ Brief Information, News Flash, Information Snippet. informational is on the right side of SERP displaying short information about a topic.
  • Navigational ⟶ Store Location, hotel Location, traveling place. Navigational is useful for queries such as cake shops, restaurants, hotels, and other places.



SERP is a page displayed by search engines in responding to users’ keyword requests.

Sites' Order on the SERP page

SERP would display 10 relevant sites in the order of:

  1. Four ads on the top
  2. Three Organic Results
  3. Three ads at the bottom

Note that it is not absolute. There may be 1-2 displayed sites each or none, depending on your keywords.

Components in SERP

Search Query

A search Query is a series of words typed by users on search engines such as google, bing, yahoo, and so on. Currently, search queries come from not only typing on a search engine but also voice search using the Text to Speech feature on Google, for example.

Organic Results

the organic results in the SERP with 10 blue links
Figure 2: the display of organic results in SERP as ten blue links

Organic Result is a list of website rankings naturally listed by search engines based on the keywords and relevance of the website.

Sponsored results

Sponsored Results is a paid ranking of websites to get to the top of the search list.

Rich Snippets

Figure 3: The example of rich results on the job posting.

Rich snippets are displayed by google on search results pages when a site contains content. Rich snippets that are supported in Google are:

  1. Product: Detailed information about a product from price to review
  2. Recipes: Information about food or drink recipes
  3. Reviews: Contains reviews of a place, movies, and so on.
  4. Events: Organized events to be attended by large numbers of people such as a music event or an arts festival
  5. Software: Detailed information about software from price to reviews from users
  6. Work-related content

Featured Snippets

 Featured Snippet is a summary of answers to user requests. Featured snippets are commonly displayed at the top of search results which contain snippets of the page.


On-SERP SEO is an SEO strategy that focuses on placing as many rankings as possible in each target on google SERP.

How to Optimize ON-SERP SEO

The way to optimize on-SERP SEO is to identify which assets and content to optimize when there is demand from users and determine the appropriate keywords for that content. Currently, there are two elements in the google SERP, namely:

On-SERP elements that can change purchase browsing

Optimizable On-SERP elements. Some of these elements are:

  • Video Carousel
  • Image result
  • Recipe Carousel
  • Local Products
  • Results from google shopping
  • Interesting Finds on google

Optimizing the On-SERP SEO needs in-depth and complex actions. But, if your company is not yet capable of doing it, you can collaborate with SEO Services to help you rank better.

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