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Written by cmlabs

Landing Page

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Written by cmlabs

In digital marketing, landing page is an individual web page that is created specifically for marketing campaigns or advertisement purposes. It is where a visitor “lands” after clicking a link from email, ads from Google, Bing, Instagram, Twitter or other similar sites on the web.


Unlike your run-of-the-mill web pages which have various goals and actively promote exploration for their users, landing pages are specifically designed so that users focus themselves on a single goal, also known as call-to-action (CTA).

By placing a great emphasis on a single goal, landing pages are the best choice for you in increasing conversion rate for your marketing campaigns.

You can also use landing pages as a way to find out what your users are looking for or what they are interested in. This way, a web owner can gather useful data for their next potential customers.

Types of Landing Page

Lead generation landing pages are web pages used to register or collect users data. There are usually “Sign Up/Sign In” buttons within these pages so the users can enter their private information in the available input boxes. The registered information/data will then be saved in the system and used for marketing purposes.

Click-through landing pages are the most well-known and popular web pages commonly found on e-commerce or B2C marketing websites. These pages are usually designed with a single call-to-action button meant to persuade people to do something specific. Some of the captions on these CTA buttons are typically compelling such as “Book Now!”, “Add to Cart”, “Get a Promo” and much more. The navigational buttons on these pages are intentionally vague and restricted to limit the users’ activities.

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