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10 Effective Branding Strategies to Boost Business Revenue

Last updated: Dec 20, 2023

10 Effective Branding Strategies to Boost Business Revenue
Cover image: Illustration of branding strategies to help businesses achieve their marketing goal.

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In order to create a strong identity and win the hearts of consumers, every business needs to implement branding strategies in-depth, based on data, and comprehensively. 

By adopting the right product/service branding approach, a company can increase profit margins and achieve marketing objectives.

For a better understanding of what is branding, examples of it, and how appropriate branding strategies apply to businesses in various niches, read the explanation in the following article until the end.

What is Branding?

Illustration of Branding Implementation for Businesses and Companies
Figure 1: Illustration of Branding Implementation for Businesses and Companies

With appropriate branding strategies, a brand can become more recognized by the target consumers, enhancing its value and business revenue.

However, before delving into various stages this strategies, let's first discover what is branding?

Fundamentally, branding is the effort made to build and expand a brand's identity and make it distinct from other competitors in the market.

Even within the same niche or industry, products/services can have different images depending on the branding activities undertaken.

In essence, branding aims to create brand awareness among consumers. Through effective branding strategies, consumers can recognize your product amidst the numerous options available.

Branding can encompass various aspects such as product quality, brand logo, packaging, slogan, or a unique and proven USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

To understand how effective branding in marketing can be applied to your specific situation, explore the discussion below.

Types of Branding Strategies

Every business requires different strategies in carrying out branding activities because their goals and target markets vary from one another.

Here are some types of strategies that you can implement to strengthen branding: 

1. Brand Extension

One powerful strategy that assists companies in expanding their market share is brand extension. 

This strategy involves launching new products in a different line from existing products in the market.

The goal is to leverage the trust already built by a previously successful brand.

2. Co-Branding Strategy

This involves making efforts to build a strong synergy through collaboration between two or more companies. 

Through this strategy, both brands can synergize to market and sell specific products/services through different positions and influences.

3. Multi-Brand Strategy

If a company has successfully branded itself and created a well-known brand, the next step is often multi-branding. 

The implementation of this branding type uses a multi-brand strategic approach. This means that the company will strive to market products in the same category by leveraging several successful brands.

4. Product Line Extension

An example of a branding strategy with product extension is expanding the brand identity by adding new product varieties. 

The addition of these products aims to provide consumers with more purchase options, eliminating the need to switch to competitors.

Effective Branding Strategies for Businesses

Company Creating a Logo to Support Branding Strategies
Figure 2: Company Creating a Logo to Support Branding Strategies

Do you want your product to have a strong and easily memorable branding for the target consumers? If so, you need a planned and consistent branding strategy.

To achieve various business goals, including revenue, awareness, brand authority, and long-term sustainability, you can employ several branding strategies outlined below.

1. Create an Attractive Logo

One of the key strategies in running a business is creating a brand logo that is appealing and aligns with the business values. 

As to being attractive, you also need to ensure that the logo is easy to remember and reflects the distinctiveness of your brand.

Some successful branding strategies have made consumers recognize a brand solely by its logo, especially for several globally renowned brands. 

Hence, you need to create the logo carefully because it will be consistently integrated into all branding strategies, including product packaging, business profiles, marketing campaigns, social media profiles, and much more.

2. Conduct a Digital Campaign

digital campaign involves branding efforts through campaign activities that you may frequently encounter on various digital platforms such as social media.

You can use platforms and approaches that align with your target audience by producing informative branding content about your products/services. 

This digital campaign effort can be maximized with various additional strategies such as paid ads, promotional activities through media, or other digital marketing initiatives.

3. Highlight the Brand Value

Do you know why some people are still willing to buy products at a higher price even though many competitors offer the same product at a more affordable price?

One underlying factor influencing consumer behavior is brand value. This aspect refers to the values inherent in a brand, whether in terms of quality, innovation, sustainability, history, or even the positive image associated with the brand.

Consumers who trust and perceive these values or brand values generally tend to choose products from that brand, even at a higher price.

4. Conduct Market and Competitor Research

Before implementing many strategies, the process of branding a product can begin with research on both the target market and business competitors.

To perform this stage, you can create buyer personas based on the following segmentation:

  • Who are your target consumers?
  • What is the age range of your target consumers?
  • What is their status or occupation?
  • What is their estimated income (daily, monthly, annually)?
  • Why should they choose your product/service over that of your competitors?
  • Is your product/service considered a necessity, desire, or luxury complement?

Additionally, conduct research on your competitors by analyzing the following questions:

  • Who and what brand currently sell your products/services to consumers?
  • What unique selling propositions (USPs) do they offer?
  • What factors make them the preferred choice of your consumers?
  • What are their strategies in branding products/services?

5. Identify Brand Positioning

In branding activities, you need to also consider how you position your brand. This strategy needs to be implemented so that a brand can have a specific place or "position" in costumer’s minds.

Therefore, you need to identify and fill the right space based on the analysis of your selling points and the unique characteristics of your brand when compared to competitors.

6. Build an SEO-Friendly Website

The next stage of branding in marketing is to expand your reach and customer database

In addition to developing various marketing strategies on social media, you also need to have a navigable website to support sales and content marketing processes.

According to We Are Social, at least 60% of people conduct online searches through search engines before making a purchase of products/services.

Therefore, you should not overlook this branding strategy. If the business aims to enhance brand authority in search engine domains like Google, then website creation should be based on a structured SEO strategy.

To help you conduct a thorough strategy, you can trust SEO services by cmlabs to receive professional assistance in this field!

7. Have a Collaboration

Branding in marketing can also be accomplished through collaboration. Appropriate collaboration can help you reach new potential consumers.

Moreover, forming partnerships with authoritative websites or brands can give your brand positive organic exposure.

You can also leverage collaborations to create product/service bundles with other brands, making promotional processes and marketing activities even more engaging. 

8. Define a Tagline or Brand Voice

In addition to the logo, some successful branding strategies can make the majority of consumers recognize their products through the tagline alone. 

Therefore, one indicator of a successful brand's branding efforts is when its brand voice or slogan is widely recognized.

9. Conduct Promotions

You need to leverage various promotional media to reach all segments of your target customers while simultaneously enhancing customer retention.

In this promotional effort, you require more strategic steps, such as informing and persuading consumers persuasively and producing content that guides consumers to make purchases for specific benefits. 

10. Utilize PR/Branding Services

If you feel the need for external assistance in the branding process, you can explore various available branding services. 

Some branding strategy examples of services that can assist you include PR services to maximize positive exposure or backlink services to help improve your brand authority through the placement of backlinks in SEO-friendly articles.

Media Buying and Backlink Service - 200+ Authoritative Media 

Media buying is one of the branding efforts that can be undertaken by businesses in various industries.

Through media buying, businesses can enhance their visibility and authority by producing quality content and placing backlinks on the pages of websites, news portals, or well-known national media.

One way to choose branding services is to ensure that your advertisements are displayed on trusted media or news portals with high authority in a particular industry/niche.

If your business requires professional PR/Branding services, you can entrust it to Backlink and Media Buying Services by cmlabs. We ensure you receive:

  • Brand mentions through the production of quality content on renowned media.
  • Placement of relevant backlinks from leading media sites in your industry.
  • Strict domain checks to ensure they meet the highest authority standards.
  • Adjustment of work procedures in line with Google Spam Policy to avoid harmful spam practices that could damage your website's reputation.

It is your time to collaborate with cmlabs. Let's synergize together, and contact our Marketing Team cmlabs now!

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