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DISCOUNT 20% (Until Des 2019)

This discount applies to all services from creating content and posting articles to online media registered with CMLABS.

Content Marketing Media Placement

Promo does not apply to SEO and content marketing consulting services that are available on all packages.


Content Creation

At present CMLABS has provided a variety of content writing that can be tailored to the needs of the company. Packages that are currently available will continue to be added in the future. We need to make a plan and form a dedicated team for each job given

Article TypeCost (per Word)StatusWriterSatisfaction Level
Article (Softsell/Hardsell)
Rp 1.500 Available
Image placeholder Image placeholder Image placeholder
Rp 1.000 Avaiable
Image placeholder
Posting Blog
Rp 1.000 Avaiable
Image placeholder Image placeholder
Email Marketing
Rp 2.500 Not Avaiable
Image placeholder Image placeholder Image placeholder
Product Detail
Rp 750 Avaiable
Image placeholder Image placeholder
Promotion (Campaign)
Rp 3.500 Avaiable
Image placeholder Image placeholder
FAQ or Help page
Rp 2.500 will be Avaiable
Image placeholder Image placeholder
Press Release
Rp 2.500 Avaiable
Image placeholder Image placeholder

Note: Note: Prices do not include 10% tax. Every project we publish will use a framework that we call MBI which will be fully monitored by our STORY-LABS team which is rich in ideas and highly dedicated for maximum results and on time.

Post Articles in Online Media

Cash installment on online media is one of our newest features, which we just introduced early November 2019. We launched this service based on a thorough evaluation and survey results from various well-known brands, companies and startups in Indonesia. Quality content, brief or project delivery, revision, publishing, measurement, to the recommendation that does not exist we finally present in an effort to help those who expect placement thats measureable, achieveable, has many recommendations, andwell project delivery.

Article TypeCost (starts from) MediaPIC
Media 1 - High Quality
Rp 50.000.000 Tirto, Jakarta Post, TechinAsia, Media Indonesia, DLL
Image placeholder
Media 2 - High Visits
Rp 25.000.000 Tempo, Kompas, Detikcom, Tribunnews, Liputan6, Okezone, DLL
Image placeholder
Media 3
Rp 20.000.000 CNN Indonesia, CNBC Indonesia, Kumparan, Merdeka, Viva, DLL
Image placeholder
Media 4
Rp 10.000.000 Finansialku, Metrotvnews, Berita Satu, DLL
Image placeholder
Media 5
Rp 10.000.000 Hipwee, Keepo, Yukepo, Dream, Fimela, DLL
Image placeholder

Note: Prices do not include 10% tax. The media classification we made above is not final, we are making advanced evaluations to make categorizations relevant to market and product needs. ToMedia Placement, price does not include writing services. Big promotion this month: content writing services on media articles will beget discount 50% — valid until December 2019.

Term and Condition: CMLABS can replace the applicable discounted price at any time, provided that projects that have been mutually agreed upon will still get discounts according to the initial agreement.

Visual Project

We currently strive to provide comprehensive services in terms of content marketing. One week after we launched the serviceMedia Placement, we also introduce visual services. Not complete yet, but this service will continue to grow going forward.

Article TypeCost (start from) MediaSpecialistStatisfication level
Rp 2.500.000 Avaiable
Image placeholder
User Interface / UI
Rp 15.000.000 Avaiable
Image placeholder Image placeholder

Note: Prices do not include 10% tax.

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