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Content Marketing is crucial to online and offline success campaign. We specialised in variety of content creation services.


Corporate design, publishing, environtmental design, advertising (online/offline), product design, web design, interface, signage, and communication design.

design product creative
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Content Writer

Brand journalist, SEO copywriter, Digital/UX writer, lead generation writer, subject matter expert, influencer, social media writer, advertising copywriter, and technical writer.

content seo business
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Communication Design

A mixed dicipline that includes graphic design, writing, animation and information architechture.

Will open in Nov 2019

marketing communication business
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Content Marketing Labs.

we help brands

  • Identify and articulate their best stories
  • Choose the most effective content formats
  • Transform stories into robust experiences
  • Create and publish their own content
  • Deliver their stories to the right people
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creating a better way

cmlabs. is a Indonesia digital content consultant that deeply committed to creating a better way

why cmlabs.

We are thinkers, writers, designers, tinkerers, technologists, readers, travellers, journalists, planners, strategists, and makers. We are independent people at an independent agency, coming together to create exceptional experiences.

The best stories are impossible to forget. They stick with us and shape who we are. Memorable brands are a product of carefully crafted stories, and their customers are eager to hear what they have to say.

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