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Written by cmlabs, Dec 24 2021

Malang - Maret 2020, When we’re talking about startups, Malang City is one of the cities that has a fast-paced technological development. As time goes by, there are many startups developed in Malang with various fields, there are applications and websites development, games, health, education, and etc. 

cmlabs is one of the startups in Malang which is engaged in IT. To increase the existence of cmlabs in the digital ecosystem, especially startups in Malang City, promoting organically will take a long time to be recognized and trusted by startup actors in Malang City. 

Therefore, cmlabs joined the startup community in Malang namely Startup Singo Edan Malang or commonly known as STASION. By participating in STASION which has been established in 2015, cmlabs can expand the connections between fellow startups, have collaborations between startups, and trigger the movement of the digital or technology industry, and can collaborate in advancing technopreneurs in the city of Malang. 

cmlabs was invited to participate as one of the speakers in STASION’s regular webinar event with the theme “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Beginners '. This webinar is held for STATION members and open for the public to introduce how SEO works and how SEO can help a business, as well as a forum for having a discussion and exchanging ideas about SEOs. 

Hopefully, in the future cmlabs can participate more in activities held by STASION in order to help digitize in Malang City.

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