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Written by cmlabs, Oct 22 2021

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In June 2020, cmlabs created a new official publication account @cmlabs on Medium. In order to show the team’s expertise, our company initiates a new step to write in one of the most professional platforms nowadays, Medium.

Nowadays, Medium is the biggest user-generated platform in the world. It has approximately 17 million active users per month, with about 400 thousand loyal users (who are willing to pay $50/year). Through the Medium platform, cmlabs will share our deep research, findings, and experience while tackling SEO issues on a daily basis. Furthermore, we will also post any updates regarding our company’s activities, including missions, values, career opportunities, product launches, programs, and other premium information that haven’t been posted in our official blog.

We will update our Medium content regularly every month. By doing so, we hope we can share our knowledge and insights in SEO fields with writers, SEO specialists, and business owners all around the world. cmlabs’ posts on Medium will be written in English. But for those who are more familiar with Bahasa Indonesia, we’d be very happy to help you to discuss your interest in the cmlabs Blog. You can reach us on Medium blogs’ comment section or email us at business@cmlabs.co

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