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Written by cmlabs, Oct 22 2021

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In February 2020, cmlabs created an official Linkedin account to open chances for professionals and enterprises to find our company and services. By activating our presence on Linkedin, cmlabs hopes to connect more with businesses and people who have a huge interest in SEO.

As far as we know, Linkedin is one of the social media that has the least negative content than other social media because we more likely want to be known, and businesses use Linkedin to support their online presence for their customers.

With it, cmlabs wants to contribute more to this professional platform, and capture more people to educate, communicate and share information about cmlabs, career, digital marketing, and of course SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Also, it is a great opportunity for cmlabs to have a connection with a specific person such as SEO Specialist or Content Writer because it is not only a one-way communication but all the people on Linkedin can find cmlabs account, also to leave a like, comment, and share cmlabs post. So, more people will know about cmlabs.

We are also really open for discussion about anything because we would love to help people especially people who concern about SEO and everything inside it. Catch us up at @cmlabs on Linkedin and let’s connect!

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