We officially announced CMLABS office in Malang

Written by cmlabs, Dec 21 2021

28 Oct 2019 - We proudly announced that cmlabs officially opened the second CMLABS office in Malang, East Java. The reason why we have our second office in Malang is that Malang is a Tourism and Education City. By that, we expect to grab the high quality of talents from one of the best Education cities in Indonesia. We want to empower young talents in Malang city to grow their potential and skill in the Digital industry, especially SEO.

In plain view, the interest of business can be seen in the proliferation of various types of shops, cafes, restaurants, and other culinary spots in the city of Malang. In fact, they are competing to present a unique concept in various ways to attract the attention of consumers.

Aside from that, Malang city is the second biggest city in East Java after Surabaya city. There are plenty of chances that Malang City will grow as a big industrial, tourism, and educational city. Every year, the Malang city receives approximately 200 thousand migrants, most of whom are students who continue their education and grow their carrier in Malang City. So, cmlabs will give them opportunities for them to grow and strengthen their skill in SEO. 

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