We launched a Tool for writers, named Word Counter

Written by cmlabs, Dec 15 2021

Jakarta - cmlabs released a new SEO tool for writers known as Word Counter Tool, this tool is based on a website application. The main goal of the tool is to support the writing activities which makes it easier for writers to apply the SEO approach to their writing. 


Image 1. cmlabs Word Counter Tool


There are several features that can be provided by the word counter tool. You can find out some of the information needed in applying the SEO approach to your writing. The information provided by word counter tools includes the number of characters, the number of words, the number of sentences, the number of paragraphs, and the estimated reading time. In addition, the word counter tool also provides information on 10 keywords that have the highest keyword density. You can choose 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 the number of words in 1 keyword.


Image 2. Inputting the paragraph sentence on this tool


To use this tool, you need to access https://tools.cmlabs.co/en/word-counter. Then type the text you want to count. You can also paste your writing in the text box provided. The word counter tool will automatically show the calculation results from your writing. Don't forget to explore more tools related to SEO and webmasters that will help your SEO activities at https://tools.cmlabs.co and good luck. To find more about cmlabs products and services, you can directly visit https://cmlabs.co/en-id/pricing  and if you want to know more about cmlabs App Lite please contact the marketing team at (+62) 822-600-600-71 or send us an email at dev@cmlabs.co.

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