We launched a columnist program or we called Expert Contributor on the cmlabs Blog

Written by cmlabs, Dec 15 2021

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As a company that focuses on SEO, cmlabs goals are not focused on the business only, but also to share knowledge about SEO with everyone. In order to make it to an action, we have created a blog with the contents regularly updated. 

Blogging as a part of knowledge management plays an important role not only for people inside the company but also for general users who are accessing our website. In order to advance the quality of our content and create better-recommended content on cmlabs website, cmlabs decided to open an expert contributor program. 

An expert contributor is someone who is experienced in writing an article/blog prior to their expertise topic. By working together with an expert contributor who is more experienced in writing an article/blog related to SEO, not only cmlabs hope that the content on the blog will be enriched with knowledge so that people will also understand SEO deeper, but also to increase awareness and provide more in-depth education about SEO from the viewpoint of the experts.

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