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Written by cmlabs, Oct 25 2021

University of Brawijaya

Jakarta - February 2020. cmlabs and Brawijaya University - one of the state universities located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia - committed to working together upon an internship program and curriculum synchronization. Brawijaya University can assign their students to do the internship program in cmlabs. 

Even though both parties are tied up in a partnership, the interns' candidates remain filtered. They must follow every recruitment selection process and only those who passed the test will be accepted as an intern. The internship period will last for 3 months. As for the internship program, it will focus on utilizing the interns in the production activities. 

By that means, cmlabs has the responsibility to ensure the interns get paid properly based on their performance progress. Each progress will be measured and assessed based on how well they can carry on their job description and finish every task assigned to them. The curriculum synchronization is another part of the partnership where Brawijaya University and cmlabs agreed to have the same point of view on how the lesson and academic material should be delivered. 

Therefore, cmlabs expects the interns will be equipped with qualified abilities to fulfill the graduation requirements once they finish their internship period. cmlabs aspires to have another opportunity in working with other universities in Indonesia and shape high-quality human resources in the field of SEO and technology.

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