The first 5 CMLABS employee started to work in the Malang office

Written by cmlabs, Dec 24 2021

Malang - November 2019, cmlabs’ Malang office is officially opened, precisely at Jalan Seruni 9, Lowokwaru, Malang City. Previously, in early 2019 cmlabs opened the Jakarta office, at Jalan Kencana Raya 63 Pluit, North Jakarta. 

cmlabs’ Malang office will be the general operational office for cmlabs while the Jakarta office will be the administrative office. The operational office is very crucial considering all production and all related teams will be centered at the cmlabs Malang office. 

Before having many division teams and employees, cmlabs started the Malang office with its first 5 employees, which are Sisca as one of the first team of writers, Rully as a writer, Zahir as a Graphic Designer, Alvin as a writer, and Dwi as Operational Director. It can be seen that the first 5 employees of cmlabs are the crucial part of this business. 

Since cmlabs provide Content Writing services, cmlabs must have the writers first. The Graphic Designer’s position is also quite crucial because it will help cmlabs’ branding. Furthermore, the Operational Director is needed to help supervise, and assist the production of cmlabs’ services and products. 

In 2022, cmlabs have a target to have more than 100 employees in various division teams to support the business development and increase the revenue.

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