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Written by cmlabs, Dec 14 2021

Jakarta - cmlabs is a brand under PT CMLABS INDONESIA DIGITAL that focuses on end-to-end SEO. We have services and product divisions that may suit specific businesses. Our company focuses on a very specific marketing channel, Search Engine. Every day we learn and try from services to product topics. From the services side, we must have a better understanding of the SEO approach for every client and each business sector. From the product side, we face so many SEO topics to learn and understand, then how to create correlation on each topic available.

We also announced the revamp website v.3 processes where we will revamp the content, UI, and UX design, as well as information on the cmlabs website. Why did we change the cmlabs site? So that we can improve the experience, user convenience so that it is easy to understand, remember and not reduce the SEO of the cmlabs website.


Image 1. cmlabs revamp website v.3


Here's the purpose of the cmlabs of the remodeled website is:

  1. Improve user friendly
    Submission of content is the main thing for us to pay attention to, in order to make it easier for users to understand the concept of the cmlabs website. From here, users can also have a good experience.
  2. Added content
    Adjusting, adding, and optimizing various cmlabs website keywords from SEO so that they have the maximum impact in determining rankings in Google search results.
  3. Facilitate interaction with clients.
    Having our clients find services and products from cmlabs is also one of our goals to overhaul the website.

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