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Written by cmlabs, Oct 22 2021

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Jakarta - May 2019. cmlabs proudly announced a new Twitter account @cmlabsco! We are going to talk anything about search engines, SEO, tips, and hacks on how to become the number #1 website on Google, according to cmlabs research.

cmlabs strives to provide comprehensive value and effort for enterprises so we could help them to strengthen their business value through SEO. One of our missions is to share our specialist writing and thoughts with the goal to provide education about the importance of SEO not only from search engines but social media as well.

In this day and age, Twitter is one of the most reliable social media platforms to share information and updates. Rather than other platforms, Twitter is the most favorite social media for Google and SEO specialists to share and discuss new updates on SEO. By being active on Twitter, we hope that we can give information about the newest SEO trends and research for businesses that want to improve their rankings on Google. We are also open for discussions regarding any issues on your website or SEO myths and facts in general. Feel free to mention @cmlabsco on Twitter and ask your questions! If you want further information about cmlabs, kindly contact us via DMs or mentions.


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