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Written by cmlabs, Dec 17 2021

The progress of the times in the digital era has almost eliminated territorial boundaries, especially in terms of business. Now, you have the opportunity to reach consumers from the world market through the use of the internet. Armed with a website in English, a business can now introduce its brand to the international market.

Seeing this need and opportunity, cmlabs started to release English content writing services while still complying with existing SEO rules. English article writing services at cmlabs can also be tailored to who your target market is and what topics will be covered.

The advantage of this content writing service is that the articles produced do not only capture one or two countries. But more broadly, on a world scale. As an international language, this English article can appear on Google which is accessed from various countries.

Our target, cmlabs wants to help international companies who want to introduce their products to the right consumers to optimize SEO channels that have the potential to benefit the company itself.

Companies can choose whether they want to take a package for writing English content only, or if needed and want to target the Indonesian region, we also provide content writing packages for two languages, namely Indonesian and English at the same time.

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