Our company established a SEO service for the Global market (outside Asia)

Written by cmlabs, Dec 24 2021

SEO is one of the most valuable digital marketing channels for enterprises. As one of inbound marketing factors, doing optimization in search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) will help you gain more traffic and thus increase brand awareness for your business.

Since 2019, cmlabs has successfully provided SEO services for various enterprises from Indonesia and Southeast Asia. But this is not our final goal. In accordance with our vision of helping more businesses gain their momentum in SEO, we decided to expand our market to countries outside Asia in 2021.

For the global market, cmlabs provides 2 types of services, they are Content Writing and SEO Consultant. To ensure we deliver the best quality for our clients, both mentioned activities will be conducted by carefully selected content writers and SEO strategists with excellent English and SEO skills.  

Besides that, our company also has been developing an integrative SEO analytic tool called cmlabs SERP tracker. You can use cmlabs SERP tracker to analyze most prioritized keywords for your website, as well as to understand the position of your competitors website in the tracked keywords.

In 2022, cmlabs will continue to improve both our services and product according to the needs of the global market.

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