CMLABS released 2 website product ( Kulinerkota & Tiketresmi )

Written by cmlabs, Dec 24 2021

In 2019, cmlabs released two more website products in culinary and hospitality, those are Kuliner Kota ( and Tiket Resmi ( Today, both websites have gained a considerable amount of popularity, especially in the culinary and traveling niche. So far, Kuliner Kota and Tiket Resmi are the best website product cmlabs ever made in terms of traffic.

Kuliner Kota is a culinary website specializing in recipes, food review, cafe, and eatery recommendations. As for the recipe contents, Kuliner Kota implements rich result schemas in accordance with Google algorithm updates. Besides, we also include health and nutrition info in every recipe we make, so the readers would get better insight about the favorite recipes they want to cook. 

Meanwhile, the best quality cmlabs can offer in Tiket Resmi is the freshness and validity of the schedule contents e.g train, bus, plane, and commuter line schedules. Before writing a schedule-type content, our writers use official and newest references from the responsible parties.

In the future, cmlabs opens brand partnerships opportunities for businesses in culinary and travel fields who want to advertise their products. Some of the opportunities Kuliner Kota and Tiket Resmi provide include guest posting, requested review, and native ads installation.

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