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Written by cmlabs, Dec 14 2021

Tiket Official is one of the integrated transportation platforms in Indonesia. You can find updates on train schedules, flights, and other travel news here. In addition, we also provide information related to vehicle rental.

Built in 2019, Official Tickets has earned 30.5 million impressions and 2.14 million clicks on Google. Coronavirus 2019 affected us but we managed to maintain 5000 - 6000 clicks/day in December 2021.

What we provide now, since 2019, Official Tickets has written about 350+ articles in the following categories:

  • Public transport schedules and routes
  • Station, airport, port information
  • Driving and transportation tips
  • Vehicle rental

For rental matters, we collaborate with several vehicle rentals and travel agencies to meet the needs of our website visitors, here are examples. For some of our brand partnerships, for a complete list, please check Our goal is for visitors to know the schedules, routes of various transportations in each city that we provide, besides that for transportation businesses, we can make advertisements on the official ticket website so that the transportation client business can develop and be more widely known.


Image 1. cmlabs launch of travel and leisure website official ticketing website


Business Inquiry

Official Tickets have a lot of potential including future business opportunities. If you have any business inquiries with us, please feel free to contact us at or

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