CMLABS Launches 1 Website Product in Education Niche (

Written by cmlabs, Dec 24 2021

To fulfill the demand of educational contents in Indonesia, cmlabs releases a website product specialized in education niche, under the name Studio Literasi (

Studio Literasi is an educational website which consists of integrated content for elementary to high school students. The subjects included math, physics, biology, PE, art, languages, civics, and social studies. Aside from educational contents, Studio Literasi will also publish tips, hacks, and other information needed by students.

In order to keep the relevancy of the contents with students’ need, Studio Literasi complies with current educational curriculums and programs. Furthermore, Studio Literasi contents will also undergo a review process by experts in specific fields to ensure the validity of the material.

As for the SEO side, Studio Literasi ensures all the contents produced according to Google EAT Standard (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness). Besides, the UI/UX of the website is adjusted according to the needs and interests of people with age from 8 - 17 years old. With this effort, cmlabs hopes students can find and learn from Studio Literasi’ contents easier. 

Through the release of Studio Literasi, cmlabs hopes the website will help more students to learn with better resources. 

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