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Written by cmlabs, Dec 21 2021

Jakarta, April 2020. Aside from cmlabs’s articles that focus on talking about the next level of SEO knowledge, we also established an online SEO dictionary to complement our branding as an in-depth SEO company in Indonesia. There are a lot of SEO terms that sound unfamiliar for Digital Marketers, SEO Specialists, SEO strategists, Content Writers, Copywriters, Webmasters at the beginner level. 

That reason encourages us to answer their learning needs through our online SEO dictionary, where we hope the intermediate level of those positions will also enrich their basic knowledge. We choose a simple way to deliver the meaning of each SEO term because their experience in learning SEO while exploring our website matters. 

cmlabs online SEO dictionary is intelligible and accessible because we do not require users to have an account to be able to access it and it’s free. Last but not least, it is comprehensive! We will keep you updated with the newest SEO terms by following the Google guidelines. So there is nothing you should worry about. The more you understand SEO terms, the easier you can deal with any SEO tasks and obstacles.

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Super Admin

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