cmlabs Launched The New Website On January 10, 2022

Written by cmlabs, Jan 13 2022

As a professional SEO company, cmlabs is thrilled to announce the launch of our revamped website on January 10, 2022. The revamped website is mainly aimed to improve users' experience in exploring our company through the site. We realize that the previous website needs a set of improvements on the features that is why our team is always carrying out improvements in terms of design and functionality. 

After months of hard work, cmlabs is proud to introduce you to our new features which we designed to be user-centric and responsive across all devices. In detail, we wanted to make it easier for users to find valuable information about our SEO products and services not only on their desks but also on mobile devices.

cmlabs revamp

Besides the new fresh design that reflects our brand identity, the mentioned features are as below:

1. User Login Feature 

It enables users to log in to cmlabs account with Google. They can also create a user profile whether it is a public or a private profile that can be edited and shared to their social media accounts. Login features give benefits to saving important pages to bookmarks so that they can be revisited.

2. Become cmlabs Partner

cmlabs open opportunities for all companies such as creative agencies, digital agencies, advertising agencies, and web development agencies who are interested in becoming our partners. We can have a collaborative project to achieve our common goals which are leading our clients toward success. Kindly check the form here.

3. Promo Page

Now users can easily get the best deal by checking our promo page. Our marketing team will keep the users updated with a variety of promos on our products and services. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

4. Bookmark

As an in-depth SEO company, cmlabs provides useful information for audiences such as Blog posts, SEO Terms, and SEO Guidelines. We love to share our knowledge with others because it helps them understand SEO deeper. Save the important pages to your bookmark.

5. Custom Package

This new feature will help users get the best package that suits their needs. We value every need of their company, that is why we offer the custom package.

6. Your List Order

If you need more time to decide which package suits your needs, this new feature will keep your list on your local computer. You can come back any time to finish your order.

7. Notification Center

We want to make sure that users get the information clearly and easily. This page will display all information that is not included in the blog category or SEO articles.

8. cmlabs Writer Contributor

We are open to all Experts out there to contribute to our blog. It will be a perfect place to share knowledge about SEO with a wider community.

With this new website, you can now find the best product and service package that you need the most. Developed with user experience in mind, we hope you enjoy our new look and features!

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