CMLABS Launched a Supporting Tool: Strikethrough Text

Written by cmlabs, Dec 11 2021

Image 1. cmlabs Strikethrough Text Generator

Jakarta – cmlabs released the latest supporting tool called Strikethrough Text Generator, this tool is based on a website application. The main purpose of this tool is to give a scribble effect to a text.

The strikethrough text can be used for tweets, Facebook messages, etc. The Strikethrough Text Generator Tool does not generate HTML tags with strikethrough text. But really crossed out the text straight away. You can copy and paste it elsewhere, as the tool generates plain text, which you can post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

How to use the Strikethrough Text Generator tool is quite easy, type or paste the text you want to cross out in the column provided.

Image 2. The result of the process in the tool

Then the scribbled text will immediately appear below it. If you want to copy it, press the copy to clipboard button below. Then the text has been copied and ready to be pasted anywhere.

To get all the features above, you must visit the page, and write or copy the text you want to scribble effect. don't forget to explore more tools related to SEO and webmasters that will help your SEO activities at and good luck. To find out more about cmlabs products and services, you can directly visit and if you want to know more about cmlabs App Lite, please contact the marketing team at (+62) 822 - 600 -600-71 or email us at

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