CMLABS company was officially launched

Written by cmlabs, Dec 17 2021

The cmlabs company was founded by three people from different backgrounds with residences and education in three different countries. This expertise and concentration of differences finally made the founders aware of how the digital marketing process on the SEO channel is still quite common for businesses in the midst of this increasingly advanced digital era.

Considering this, interesting facts emerge that there are still great business opportunities in winning the organic search competition through Google.

Seeing that the distance between consumers and the products they are looking for is so far and complicated, especially for the online market in Indonesia, a collaboration was born with the vision of helping more enterprises in their efforts to expand the reach of their brands on the internet.

Our company was founded in Jakarta in early 2019 and is known as Content Marketing Labs or commonly abbreviated as cmlabs.

The purpose of cmlabs is to help businesses make it easier for users and the public to find them when they search on Google. By capturing a list of the main keywords and their relevant variations, cmlabs will bring your business closer and easier to find potential customers who really need your product.

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