CMLABS activated Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Written by cmlabs, Dec 30 2021

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Jakarta - cmlabs activates the Progressive Web Application (PWA) feature on the main cmlabs website to enhance user experience and improve website speed performance.

This feature is a combination of the ability of a website with a mobile application, a website that already has the PWA feature will bring the user experience and interface look like an application into a web browser on the user's mobile device. Modern technology, it will allow users to get the experience of accessing websites like applications without having to install other applications.

It's simple, just add or install cmlabs on android or IOS, and users can easily enjoy the content that cmlabs has anytime and anywhere, even if they are outside the network. You can directly access the cmlabs website at

With PWA owned on the cmlabs website, the website will have better speed performance, and the website will be responsive on all devices, be it desktop, mobile, or tablet. The website will also not depend on connectivity because the system will continue to work even in a slow network connection even offline.

To get all information and offers related to the services we provide, visit the page directly. And if you want to know more about the offers and benefits, please contact our marketing team at or email us at

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