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Written by cmlabs, Jun 22 2021

Jakarta - cmlabs released a career website on June 21, 2021 as a place to make it easier for job hunters and fresh graduates to find out what job vacancies are currently open. This website is already available on the internet and can be accessed by the public. Expectedly, candidates will find it easier to reach and find out the latest vacancies in cmlabs.

Career at cmlabs displays information about the entire recruitment process, both for full-time positions and internship programs. The recruitment process is more simple and centered on one web platform only. The career page will also be a place for job applicants to submit personal data and other administrative.

Job vacancies on this website categorized by division and level of position. There are several divisions on cmlabs such as SEO, Developer, Writer, Human Resources, Data, Product, and Marketing in junior and senior levels. The availability of opened job vacancies will depend on the needs of the company.

On the main page, there a section about the available positions in some divisions. There also an interview pipeline stage at the bottom of the page. It has five main points of the recruitment flow, the screening (review) process, a pre-assessment test, HR interview, user interview, and final interview with the offering process.

cmlabs can deliver the latest innovations and superior products in the SEO field from a great team. cmlabs strives to penetrate the Southeast Asian market by providing SEO services globally with a solid team.

cmlabs also opens opportunities for final year students to do an internship as an assignment from the university. However, the selection process will follow the default procedures. You can visit the internship position page to see what positions are currently available. Regarding the duration of the internship, cmlabs has a minimum program period of 3 months.

This company opens cooperation for universities that apply an independent campus program to their system. You discuss with the recruitment team by chat the number or email address provided on the contact page.

To find more information about job vacancies and opportunities at cmlabs, you can directly visit the page and get the latest news.

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Rifqi Ardhian

Rifqi Ardhian

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