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Project Manager Job Field

The role of Project Manager in a project is very crucial. Without good planning and project management, the project will not be completed perfectly. There are lots of people who have not known about the Project Manager profession. If simplified, Project Manager is a profession when someone is assigned to lead a project that is being worked on. Besides leading a project, a Project Manager also has the responsibility to organize and distribute the necessary tasks so that the project will run perfectly. The Project Manager is also called the determinant of the success or failure of a project. This profession is insisted to dare to take a risk in carrying the duties. Moreover, it is required experience and qualified knowledge to lead a big project.

Project Manager’s Duties and Responsibilities

Project Manager or PM is not an easy profession. The duties and responsibilities are significant regarding how important this profession is in a project. A working experience and the experience of being a leader are essential in supporting a Project Manager career.
  1. Arrange the time management properly and effectively so that the project will run well according to the plan
  2. Monitoring and reporting the project progress
  3. Determine the work method that is used in accordance with the project condition
  4. Make the project operational activities layout and network planning
  5. Plan and arrange the Project Budget Plan or Rencana Anggaran Proyek (RAP)
  6. Manage and allocate the project resources
  7. Coordinate the staff project
  8. Conduct evaluation when the project is not going according to the initial plan
  9. Conduct evaluation of technical data to construction management
  10. Monitor and instruct project team performance
  11. Organize team coordination
  12. Analyze the management risk process to minimize the project failure
  13. Maintain good communication and coordination with all stakeholders and vendors
  14. Conduct Quality Control evaluation
  15. Ensure that the assets and human resources are properly maintained
  16. Resolve the problem that may happen during the project

Must-have Abilities

To be a Project Manager with many duties and responsibilities, you must have supporting abilities that are expected to simplify the work. These abilities are also expected to minimize project failure since, as a leader, a Project Manager has to think carefully about how the project runs based on the plan.
  1. Master the technique of project management
  2. Able to execute the project according to the implementation strategy and industrial science
  3. Have the ability and spirit of leadership
  4. Have an effective problem-solving technique related to the project that will be led
  5. Have a good time management
  6. Master the technical skills and experience related to project leadership
  7. Master the Strategic and Business Management skill
  8. Able to analyze the budget for the project so it will not swell
  9. Have good communication and coordination skill
  10. Able to manage the human resources related to the project that is led
  11. Have knowledge related to the implementation of practical engineering science and technology
  12. Able to think critically and logically
  13. Able to make a decision carefully and full of consideration

Project Manager Supports Tools

Having a lot of responsibilities makes this profession categorized as a complicated job. One of the Project Manager’s duties is having a good planning of project management strategy. Recently, there are a lot of available tools that facilitate the task of Project Management in determining strategies related to the project management that will be applied to the project.

1. Trello

Trello is one of the best tools that can be used by PM to simplify the task related to project management. These tools can be used to arrange various tasks such as task distribution, human resource responsibility, and so on in one place. Trello is equipped with several sophisticated features, for instance, cards feature that function to present the idea and tasks to do, boards feature to display information related to projects being worked on, menu feature to organize the team members, and list feature to organize the workflow from the project tasks. Those features can be used to simplify the PM works to monitor the project progress that is led.

2. Asana

Asana is a tool related to project management that can be used to collaborate and cooperate. Asana comes with a particular feature to develop the project management technique. This tool function is helping the monitoring of projects, make progress reports in detail, add new workflows, share the data, and collaborate with several parties.

3. Basecamp

Basecamp tools can be used to describe the task distribution and ensure that it is organized well. This tool also can be used to monitor the deadline and task progress. Basecamp also provides a control for the Project Manager to run the project. Like the other tools, Basecamp is also equipped with a board feature, to-do list, and schedules. This tool allows the use of ping and chats with the group to decide the important decision appropriately.

4. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a management project tool with features to maximize the time management and planning feature that will help to make reports in detail. Bitrix24 can also be used to coordinate the project, tasks, and schedules. This tool is also considered suitable if used for large scale projects since it can combine project management with sales management and CRM.

5. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a simple tool to combine project management, financial management, and human resources planning. Although it seems simple, Mavenlink tools can be used for complex projects. Mavenlink is also known as a great tool in budget project calculation. This tool comes with various features such as project planning, project accounting, business intelligence, cost control, and team collaboration.

General Requirements To Become Project Manager

Being a reliable Project Manager needs some requirements and particular qualifications. This qualification is needed regarding the various tasks and responsibilities of this profession.

Requirements, Educational Background, and Experience

  1. Minimum education S1 in majoring Information Systems (Informatics Management), Informatics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Business Management, and other relevant majors
  2. Have internship experience or work as a Project Manager
  3. Master the project management technique
  4. Able to solve problem critically and logically
  5. Have knowledge about business and management
  6. Have a good communication
  7. Have knowledge about engineering science and technology

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