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Marketing Job Field

Marketing is a strategic position for products and services marketing, starting from creating a marketing strategy and preparing content to learn the target market or audiences. Marketing is one of the essential professions in increasing company profit. Many people have not understood what marketing is. The duties and responsibilities of marketing are analyzing the market, researching the product or service price, and helping the marketing process be maximum. Besides creating content and strategy planning, a marketer must also prioritize the needs and desires of consumers. The success of the business or product that the company builds depends on the market performance. The marketing team is often referred to as the communicator between the company and the consumer. This profession is required to be careful in terms of analysis and planning a clear marketing strategy. It is done to avoid consumer disappointment.

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Marketing Team

Marketing is not an easy profession. Its duties and responsibilities are enormous, considering that the job has a crucial impact on company development. The work experience or digital marketing experience is essential to support a career as a reliable marketer.
  1. Do some research to determine prices
  2. Analyzing the market and target market in detail
  3. Understanding the customer experience
  4. Doing marketing promotions by storytelling in the form of written, photo, and video
  5. Negotiating related to budget or agreement with clients
  6. Serving as a marketing communication company
  7. Providing the best service for consumers
  8. Make a strategy about product or service planning
  9. Designing a product or service marketing strategy both offline and online such as creating a digital marketing strategy. It is done to make the business grows and runs smoothly

Must-have Abilities

Being a reliable marketer must have and master a lot of marketing skills. The skills are expected to minimize consumer disappointment with unwanted negotiation failures. Besides, as a marketing team, you must convince and provide the best service to the consumers.
  1. Have strong writing skills, both formal and informal languages
  2. Have communication skills, such as mastering public speaking
  3. Have an ability to negotiate
  4. Being careful and have the ability to analyze the target market using google analytics
  5. Creating interesting content
  6. Have social media marketing skills
  7. Creative and innovative
  8. Have the ability in product planning, determining the price, and planning the marketing strategy or promotion
  9. Creating, implementing, and evaluating the campaign
  10. Be sensitive to the latest issues
  11. Have a leadership spirit
  12. Have good time management
  13. Easy to adapt and work in a team
  14. Have good stress management
  15. Detail-oriented
  16. Mastering technology (technology savvy)
  17. Mastering basic technique of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Marketing Support Tools

One of the marketing duties is preparing content and how the marketing strategy is. Now many tools support a marketer in creating content in detail.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a marketing tool to get traffic information, website performance assessment, and website visitors or users' description. Many marketers usually use this tool while planning the marketing strategy through digital marketing.

2. Google Ads

Google Ads is an essential tool in digital marketing. A marketer needs this tool to create advertisements in various forms. Starting from images, text, and videos that can reach consumers everywhere and every time.

3. Trello

Trello is one of marketing supported tools in taking notes and managing to-do-lists efficiently. A marketer usually uses Trello to be shared in a team or co-workers.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a tool that is usually used to help marketing work manage multiple social media accounts at once together with the team.

5. Hubspot CRM

A marketer usually uses Hubspot CRM to monitor and manage the prospective client contact details. It can also be used as email marketing, creating a schedule or meeting planning, deals, and forms.

6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a supporting tool for marketing in creating content for campaigns and automatically sending it to the client. This tool knows how the performance of the created content.

7. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the tools that should be mastered by a marketer. This tool functions to look for a keyword with a high search volume and high traffic and can see everything related to the keywords accurately.

8. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool in digital marketing that is used to see the content or website performance.

9. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a design tool for creating content in the form of texts and pictures. Besides mastering public speaking, a reliable marketer is also demanded to learn some technologies such as Adobe Illustrator and other photo editing tools.

10. Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a supporting marketing tool in creating content in the form of high-quality video. Adobe Premiere is an editing video software which can be used for a beginner up to a professional. This application provides full features, such as an editor for video, advertisement, and film.

General Requirements As Marketer

These qualifications are needed for you who want to apply a job as a professional Human Resources (HR).
  1. Minimum education is that graduate Bachelor majoring in Psychology, International Relations or other relevant majors.
  2. Have an HR certificate
  3. Mastering Public Speaking
  4. Mastering English
  5. Have experiences in the organization will get a plus
  6. Have had an internship or worked as HR before

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Before submitting your job application form, please check the following important things that must be included in your Curriculum Vitae:

  1. Personal information, including: full name, email, date of birth and address;
  2. Education details, from high school to college; Work experience, including part-time work if any; Attach other things that can enhance your self-promotion;
  3. For further information, please ask via email at
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