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Full-stack Developer

Full-stack Developer Job Field

Full Stack Developer is someone who is able to work well and handle the front-end and back-end of a website. A Full Stack Developer also has to be familiar with and understand the making of a website. To be a Full Stack Developer is not easy; you have to understand well and master the duties and responsibilities also have the ability in IT and design. The Full-Stack Developer who works concurrently as a Front-end and Back-end is indeed not easy. You should understand about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and some programming language that is usually used by a Back-end. Someone who has experience in this field will be a plus point while he is applying for a job since he will be trusted in solving problems about the programming language used by Back-end or Front-end. Currently, many companies are opening job vacancies to give you an opportunity to work as a Full Stack Developer.

Full Stack Developer’s Duties and Responsibilities

To be a good and reliable Full Stack Developer, you should be able to carry out tasks such as the following :
  1. Create a good website design and attracting the user’s attention
  2. Develop a website so that it can be accessed while the network is weak and the display will remain good
  3. Keep the display attractive even it is on offline mode
  4. Create the structure data model
  5. Creating and coding a website from the beginning until finishing safely
  6. Give solution on the server when a problem occurs during its operation
  7. Develop the coding to make the better website
  8. Develop the website to make it responsive
  9. Optimize the CSS code on a website or application
  10. Finish the bug which happens on the website or application
  11. Design the data storage
  12. Doing protection to the data security

Full Stack Developer's Skills and Qualifications

A Full Stack Developer should have a good and qualified hard and soft skill. Therefore, a Full Stack Developer is expected to have several good skills, such as :

Hard Skills:
  1. Understand about front-end
  2. Master the back-end programming language
  3. Knowledgeable in database management
  4. Understand the various API
  5. Understand UI/UX design
  6. Master the VCS (Version Control System)
  7. Understand the web architecture well
Soft Skills:
  1. Have critical thinking ability
  2. Able to solve the problem
  3. Have good communication
  4. Able to work individually and team
  5. Have a willingness to learn the new technology in the IT development
  6. Have a good time management
  7. Creative and innovative
A Full Stack Developer profession is not an easy job so that you are expected to master and understand the fields described above to support your work to run well. Since the Full Stack is different from the front-end and back-end, which works and focuses on a specific task or even more specific, a Full Stack Developer is general and works thoroughly.

Technology That Is Needed By Full Stack Developer

Administration System
  1. Cloud computing: Rackspace, Amazon
  2. Linux and Basic Shell Scripting
  3. Search: Elasticsearch, Solr, Sphinx
  4. Background processing: Redis, Gearman
  5. Caching: APC/OpCache, Varnish, Memcached
  6. Monitoring: Nagios
Web Development Tools
  1. Virtualization: Vagrant, Docker, Virtualbox
  2. Version Control: SVN, GIT, Mercurial
Backend Tech
  1. Database: MySql, Sql/JSON, Redis, MongoDB
  2. Programming language: Php, Ruby, NodeJS
Frontend Tech
  1. CSS: LESS, Media Queries, SASS
  2. HTML: Semantic Web
  3. JavaScript: AngularJS, jQuery, Knockout
  4. Responsive design
  5. Compatibility quirks across browser
  6. AJAX, XML, JSON, WebSocket

Educational Background and Work Experience

  1. Minimum education S1 majoring in Informatics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, and other relevant majors
  2. Have experience in creating application or website
  3. Have an internship or work experience as a Frontend and Backend Developer
  4. Working experience in that field minimum for two years

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Before submitting your job application form, please check the following important things that must be included in your Curriculum Vitae:

  1. Personal information, including: full name, email, date of birth and address;
  2. Education details, from high school to college; Work experience, including part-time work if any; Attach other things that can enhance your self-promotion;
  3. For further information, please ask via email at
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