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Content Writer Job Field

Behind the content information that we usually access, there is a role and service of a content writer. Content writer is a profession of a professional writer that works to produce engaging and innovative content which will be published on the internet. Being a Content Writer isn’t easy; they have to always update with the latest information so that they will be able to create interesting and quality content on a website which has many readers. To be a credible Content Writer, it requires consistency and persistence, so the created content will be perfect.

Content Writer’s Duties and Responsibilities

Most people think that writing is an easy job. However, it’s not always like that. Content that is known as the core of a website consists of various aspects that need to be considered. Content writer is not only writing but also carrying duties and responsibilities so that the website content can attract the readers and visitors interest.

1. Creating and Managing Content

The primary duty of a writer is making content and managing it. If the content is created and managed well, the website content will attract the reader interest. A writer is also insisted to think creatively so that the content created is always fresh and exciting to be read.

2. Understanding the basic SEO

The basic knowledge of search engine optimization or SEO is very crucial for a Content Writer. This knowledge is required to make the created content can be more quality and increase website traffic.

3. Conducting Research

Research is a necessary thing that must be done by a Content Writer before starting to write new content. This step is taken to make the created content have rich information and more interesting than the competitor’s website. If you often do research, the created content can always be updated.

4. Building Website Branding

Being a Content Writer is charged to be able to increase the branding of a website. If a website has interesting article contents, it will have many readers that will visit the website, which is branding automatically from the website.

5. Monitoring the Website Routinely

Monitoring the content that has been made on a website is very important. By doing this activity, the writer will know the performance of the content.

Must-have Abilities

Besides the ability of processing words, being a content writer also has to be supported by other skills to create the perfect content. By having many other supporting abilities, a Content Writer is expected to create better and optimal content. Frequently doing exercise is also needed to sharpen the skill and ability in creating an article.
  1. Having good writing skills
  2. Understanding the grammar and writing format correctly
  3. Always being up to date and sensitive to the trend and latest information
  4. Having a high spirit of creativity
  5. Having reliable research skill
  6. Having editing ability
  7. Having the ability to analyze the reader’s interest
  8. Understanding the basic SEO

Content Writer Supports Tools

Although it can be done manually, the use of tools can help Content Writer to be more productive and easier in creating new content. There are many available tools that are related to writing and can be chosen based on their needs. Many tools to support content writing are available for free and can be accessed easily so the writer will not face difficulty while using it.

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a keyword tool that can make the writers easier in searching for the right main keyword for their website content. Moreover, Ubersuggest also has some functions, for instance looking at the website competitor, monitoring website domain statistics, and giving ideas or information about relevant keywords with the topic what we are looking for.

2. Typo Online

Typo or typing mistake is one of the obstructions that the Content Writer experiences often. If the writer doesn’t want to correct it manually, they can use Typo Online tools to correct the created content. Typo Online Tools has been launched since 2016 and developed based on KBBI and PUEBI rules.

3. PUEBI Daring

A Content Writer sometimes faces obstacles in writing content. The number of words that must be arranged sometimes make the writer confused about the spelling rules. Pedoman Umum Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia or PUEBI Daring is a tool which can help the writer improve the use of Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan (EYD). PUEBI Daring website has been developed based on Permendikbud 50/2015.

4. KBBI Daring

KBBI Daring is a website with functions like KBBI which is developed by Language Development and Cultivation Agency, Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic Indonesia. This tool makes the writer easier when they require KKBI without opening the book.

5. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is an online editing tool with an easy and practical text editing system. This tool helps you to find and detect points in content which need revision or fixing. Hemingway can also show the readability score of your writing.

6. Unicheck

In creating an article or content, originality is very needed. Creativity is required to make the created content is unique and different from other contents. Unicheck is a tool that can detect plagiarism of content. This tool is made to maintain the uniqueness of content and avoid plagiarism.

A Content Writer Requirements

Having a hobby of writing is not enough to be a professional Content Writer. Besides being supported with adequate ability, educational background and writing experience quietly influences the career of a Content Writer.

Requirements, Educational Background, and Experience:

  1. Minimum education S1 majoring in Literature, Communication Science, and other relevant majors
  2. Have a high interest in writing
  3. Have high creativity
  4. Mastering the basic SEO
  5. Understand right spelling and grammar based on EYD
  6. Have experience in writing or blogging
  7. Mastering foreign language such as fluent in English will be a plus point
  8. Have internship experience or work as a writer
  9. Have a personal website to sharpen the writing skill will be a plus point

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Before submitting your job application form, please check the following important things that must be included in your Curriculum Vitae:

  1. Personal information, including: full name, email, date of birth and address;
  2. Education details, from high school to college; Work experience, including part-time work if any; Attach other things that can enhance your self-promotion;
  3. For further information, please ask via email at
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