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Seasonal SEO: Seasonal Marketing Optimization Strategy
Cover image: Illustration of seasonal SEO as a digital marketing strategy during the holiday season

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To welcome this school holiday, preparing a digital marketing campaign needs to pay attention to a strategy called seasonal SEO.

Many kinds of SEO strategies are implemented for website optimization needs. The main things include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

Besides that, SEO strategies can also be further divided into several niche categories, such as hotel SEOe-commerce SEOTwitter SEO, and so on.

This optimization strategy is implemented by considering external factors based on seasons or holidays.

Therefore, seasonal SEO is an important factor in developing a business's digital marketing strategy during the school holidays.

To understand the concept of seasonal SEO comprehensively, let's look at the article below.

What is Seasonal SEO?

introducing seasonal seo for more effective marketing strategies
Figure 1: Illustration of an optimized booking page clicks in the search results

Seasonal SEO is a way to improve website performance based on seasonal or yearly trends such as the upcoming New Year, Ramadan, Christmas, Easter, and school holidays.

The holidays in question are very important for digital marketing activities. Why so?

Searches for keywords about various important events have increased significantly every year.

For the last two years, the search for ideas during the holidays increased by about 55%.

This is due to the tendency of consumers to look for vacation ideas or give gifts on holidays on the internet before carrying out the intended activity.

There are distinct times when search volume has increased, such as this time around school holidays.

Most people are looking for ideas to travel and spend time with their families outside the home or to acquire new skills through soft skills courses.

So usually, search trends in these topics will tend to increase. This can be a big marketing opportunity for travel and lodging service providers in tourist areas.

The Importance of School Holidays in SEO Marketing

Apart from holidays such as Idul Fitri and Christmas, the school holiday season is also a golden opportunity for marketing activities by businesses engaged in the tourism sector.

As the school holiday season approaches, people tend to look for information about "tourist attractions" to spend free time with their families before carrying out these activities on search engines.

Tourism businesses can use this opportunity to promote tourist attractions by optimizing websites and presenting SEO-friendly, informative content.

Articles that are relevant to the business niche and in accordance with the website can occupy the top position in searches related to travel trends during school holidays.

In other words, the SEO marketing strategy implemented here aims to increase website visibility on search results pages (SERPs).

This seasonal trend does not only apply at this time. This means that articles about school holidays that you have published this year still have the opportunity to attract a larger audience in the future.

Therefore, take advantage of this school holiday moment to use a seasonal SEO strategy to encourage business promotion so that performance is optimal.

How to Develop a Seasonal SEO Strategy

travelers enjoying holiday through promotions with seasonal seo
Figure 2: Illustration of travelers enjoying autumn holidays based on seasonal marketing recommendations  

After briefly understanding what seasonal SEO is and its importance for business continuity, understand how to develop it for optimal marketing activities.

In general, this optimization strategy is divided into three stages: preseason, peak season, and postseason.

In other words, this search engine-based optimization strategy is structured based on the timeline of the school holiday season itself.

So, what needs to be done at these stages? Here's the explanation:

Pre Season

Like any SEO strategy in general, seasonal SEO starts with content planning, including keyword research.

Before getting into content production for the school holidays, businesses need to list bona fide keywords and have the opportunity to bring in organic traffic from internet users.

Every search that results in a click will benefit the business person because it means the website is recognized on the search results page.

Apart from informative articles, you can also create a landing page to promote your business during this particular time period.

After the keywords are obtained, content creation can start long before the peak school holiday season.

Make sure to index the article page and the landing page after they have been reviewed and published so that they can be displayed on the SERP.

In this stage, as a businessperson, you can monitor the traffic your website gets and determine marketing strategies for peak season from there.

Peak Season

This is the most crucial time in the seasonal SEO marketing strategy. At this stage, make sure all the important pages for the school holiday campaign are indexed.

On the other hand, ads about school holiday promotions need to be shown at this stage in order to reach their audience more effectively.

Apart from making sure website pages and advertisements are related to promotions, use social media platforms to strengthen business promotions during this school holiday.

So it can be concluded that digital marketing activities here involve three business platforms, namely websites, advertisements, and social media.

Although technically different, all three platforms require effective use of keywords to increase their visibility in search results.

The things to pay attention to at this stage are:

  • Posts on social media have been published
  • Clear use of a CTA (call to action).
  • Ads that already appear in search results
  • Interact actively on social media
  • Monitor website performance through GSC (Google Search Console) or GA (Google Analytics)

Post Season

The end of the school holiday season does not close the opportunity for business people to continue using seasonal keywords to support business visibility in the SERPs.

Even after the holidays are over, digital business promotion can still be done by optimizing the use of keywords in marketing page content.

For example, a business that operates in the travel sector can still use keywords optimally on religious and national holidays.

That way, promotions can still be carried out based on the ongoing annual season even though the school holidays are over.

So, that's a brief discussion about seasonal SEO during school holidays. Certainly, the use of this strategy is able to optimize promotional activities effectively.

In order for your business's promotion for school holidays to run optimally, use SEO services from cmlabs.

As an SEO specialist, cmlabs can help your website develop a measurable optimization strategy to optimize marketing activities organically.

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