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8 Holiday Promotion Ideas During School Holidays with SEO
Cover image: Illustration of holiday promotion ideas with SEO to promote business during school holidays

The school holiday season is one of the golden moments for business people in the travel sector. For this reason, carrying out holiday promotion ideas properly is an important thing that should not be missed.

In this case, promotion planning needs to be done with a measurable strategy in order to produce optimal conversions.

As a business owner, surely you want your marketing efforts to generate profits and lessen opportunities for losses.

This can be done by directing the budget to a promotion strategy that does not prioritize the use of paid advertising.

The trick is to use SEO strategies to get organic traffic from search results pages (SERPs).

But before getting into SEO itself, there are several strategies that you need to implement as a businessperson.

To understand information about holiday promotion ideas through SEO in detail, see the discussion below.

8 SEO Strategies for Travel Promotion During School Holidays

implementing holiday promotion ideas with seo can get your page appear on top of the serp and found easily by users
Figure 1: Illustration of internet users finding travel promotions when searching via mobile devices 

The travel industry has undergone major changes over the last few years. The prolonged pandemic caused changes in the current business promotion strategy.

From 2020 to 2023, digital penetration in the world will increase by 1.39%. Currently, digital penetration is at 67.9%.

Asia is listed as the continent with the highest internet users in the world in 2022, beating Europe and North America.

This is in line with the growth of internet penetration in Indonesia, which is increasing every year.

Given the large number of active internet users during the pandemic, the implementation of holiday promotion ideas should involve targeted marketing activities on digital platforms at this time.

Therefore, it is very important for business people in the travel sector to understand the world of digital marketing itself before carrying out large-scale promotions.

To implement the various holiday promotion ideas effectively, check out some measurable strategies that you can apply.

1. Find Out What Consumers Want

Before traveling to their destination, many people will do their research first by searching the internet.

Based on data from Google searches, 55% of travelers only make one or two tourist trips each year.

However, 69% of them do a lot of research to compare prices and determine the right accommodations before deciding to buy a ticket.

Every month, millions of people search for information related to travel by using certain keywords, whether it's for airplane ticket reservations, hotels, or looking for cheap vacation packages.

Therefore, it would be better if business people in the travel sector could understand related search queries and present the information that internet users or potential customers are looking for.

2. Understanding the Consumer Research Journey

To achieve the right target marketing, you can start a travel promotion by understanding the search journey or consumer research.

An internet user can have hundreds of interactions with many brands in the research activities carried out.

From doing searches with certain queries to watching videos, reading reviews, and visiting various website pages, everything is done just for a vacation to one tourist destination.

According to Google, there are four key moments in the consumer journey when conducting research:

  • Dreaming: looking for ideas and inspiration on what tourist attractions you want to visit
  • Organizing: determine the hotel or flight schedule you want to take
  • Booking: make decisions and reservations
  • Experiencing: exploring things to do in tourist destinations

3. Paying Attention to Internet User's Search Mode

Not everyone uses a desktop device to search the internet. Most potential travelers actually search for information on their mobile devices.

However, Google states that 75% to 90% of bookings are made via desktop. This is usually done after the potential customer has made a comparison and re-checked the booking price after searching on a mobile device.

Therefore, optimization from the side of desktop and mobile devices needs to be considered so that internet users can access website pages on both types of devices.

To check the quality of your website pages on the mobile version, use the free Mobile Friendly Test from cmlabs.

4. Determine Target Audience

Make sure to know the target audience of the promotion campaign you want to run.

Knowing the type of target audience can help you achieve more measurable promotional goals.

Based on research from Bing, 59% of searches regarding family travel are made by women. From these search activities, 52% clicked on content related to the keywords used.

This research gives you information that the target audience for traveling with family is women who are already married.

This demographic will vary based on different campaign objectives of one type or another in travel promotions.

5. Providing What the Audience Wants

After knowing the target audience, make sure to focus on what they want. For that, do keyword research to determine what topics can be used in travel promotion activities.

Usually, searches around travel include cheap family vacation packages in certain seasons.

In addition, booking or reserving resorts that provide complete facilities is also popular.

Adjust the top searches to the products and services you offer so that marketing campaigns can meet business needs.

6. Getting Consumers to Tourist Destinations

If information about tourist destinations has been provided, then you can offer travel services to take consumers to tourist destinations.

Most tourists, both domestic and international, decide to visit popular tourist spots such as Bali and Yogyakarta.

However, it is possible that many travelers need travel facilities to visit other tourist destinations, such as Mount Bromo in Malang.

Given this, services that are flexible and cover many areas can be a special attraction for potential customers.

7. Doing Promotions in Certain Seasons

Tourism activities are usually carried out during a certain time period. Therefore, make sure to do campaigns during peak seasons.

In Indonesia alone, the number of tourist visits during the school holiday season has always experienced a significant increase.

Research on peak seasons and tourist destinations needs to be carried out more comprehensively in order to attract the attention of the target audience, who are truly willing to go on a trip.

8. Increase Website Visibility with SEO

In order for the marketing budget to not run out on paid advertising, use an SEO strategy that relies on organic traffic. This is one of the holiday promotion ideas to minimize the budget.

SEO aims to increase website visibility on SERPs in an organic way. In other words, the clicks you get here are purely from searches made by users.

The way to do this is to optimize the use of keywords on each website page and monitor website performance regularly..

These optimization tasks can be carried out professionally by SEO services organized by specialists in their fields.

By using SEO, holiday promotion ideas are not just abstract concepts anymore. The activities can run in a measurable manner without spending a large budget on advertising.

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