Siti Ruli Wahyuni, 22

Malang, Indonesia
Content Writer
Brawijaya University, Indonesia

Hello! My name is Siti Ruli Wahyuni, usually called rully. But my friends often call me Lala, because all of my writing has the tagline #KataLala. I am a fresh graduate of Brawijaya University, D3 manjoring in Tourism. I am one of the Copy Writer of Content Marketing Labs. My passion is writing, because for me writing is investing word into a story as well as a reminder of past events that change the minds of their readers. My hobby is writing finally supported by people who feel happy and entertained reading various stories on my personal blog. Besides that I have knowledge about marketing especially about social media marketing from the lecture bench and an internship at one of the tours and travel companies. That is what supplies me in the future to work in writings that can help companies to be able to achieve the desired targets Besides writing, I have another hobby which is reading novels and participating in various social events. This is what I often do every day.

All My Thought

Website Content Marketing Labs is a platform that will display writings that are created with a foundation of understanding of how an article should be written properly. After basing my writing skills with the knowledge I gained on the lecture bench, I will work in writing that being the readers needs and desires, in a way by mixing and matching information into an integrated, informative, and educative writing.

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