Siska Dwi Rachmawati, 21

Malang, Indonesia
Content Writer
University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia

Hello,my name Sisca Dwi. R or Usually called Uncis.I graduated from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, majoring in communication with journalistic concentration.In my Content Marketing Labs as one Copy Writer.Interest in my writing world since my high school was sitting.Whenever there is a time I always write short stories, which are certainly inspired by the environment and my own activities.Interest in the writing world wrote increasingly supported by the majors and concentrations that I took at the lecture.The ability and knowledge of writing increasingly when I was in the Department of Communication, did not miss my experience also increased about writing.With this I hope that in the future can produce works in writing that can help and make a company reach or accomplish what is already a vision and mission.

All My Thought

Website Content Marketing Labs is a platform that will display writings that are created with a foundation of understanding of how an article should be written properly. After basing my writing skills with the knowledge I gained on the lecture bench, I will work in writing that being the readers needs and desires, in a way by mixing and matching information into an integrated, informative, and educative writing.

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