Novita Margareth, 21

Jakarta, Indonesia
Content Writer
Bakrie University, Indonesia

Hello! My name is Novita Margareth Marta, usually called Nonny. I am a bachelor of communication from Bakrie University, majoring in marketing communication. I am one of the content writers of Content Marketing Labs. My passion in writing has been since I was a child. This is illustrated from many diaries I found that are full of telling about my daily activities, hopes, and future goals that I want to achieve when I grow up that I found it written beautifully for a child as small as me at that time. My enthusiasm in writing finally supported by the knowledge I gained on the lecture bench regarding how to write well to support the success of a brand. This will be my provision for future work in writings that can help brands; products, services, or companies to be able to achieve their targets, or achieve company goals and expectations. Besides writing, I also like music. I like singing and playing piano. This is what balances my daily activities. Greetings!

All My Thought

Website Content Marketing Labs is a platform that will display writings that are created with a foundation of understanding of how an article should be written properly. After basing my writing skills with the knowledge I gained on the lecture bench, I will work in writing that being the readers needs and desires, in a way by mixing and matching information into an integrated, informative, and educative writing.

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