Mohammad Zahir Fikri, 28

Malang, Indonesia
Graphic Designer
Malang State University, Indonesia

HELLO! My name is Mohammad Zahir Fikri, better known as Zafik. Visual communication is my world, I live it! Since childhood I was very interested in visual arts and admired how an image can provide millions of meanings and stories. I was so interested in that it led me to complete my Bachelor of Visual Communication Design study at Malang State University. It is very interesting to know how a verbal message can be projected into visual form, so that it is presented more attractive, especially in competition in the digital era present day. Besides cmlabs Senior Graphic Designer, I am an action figures collector, my collection that I consider to become a powerful "mood booster" when the ideas and creativity are clogged, are you also one of them? Greetings!

All My Thought

Website Content Marketing Labs is a platform that will display writings that are created with a foundation of understanding of how an article should be written properly. After basing my writing skills with the knowledge I gained on the lecture bench, I will work in writing that being the readers needs and desires, in a way by mixing and matching information into an integrated, informative, and educative writing.

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