Alvina Vivian Wardhani, 18

Malang, Indonesia
Content Writer
SMK Telkom Malang, Indonesia

Hi, I'm Alvina Vivian Wardhani. My nickname is Alvin. I am a fresh graduate from SMK Telkom Malang majoring in Software Engineering. Writing is my way of remembering things. Since I read the fantasy book, I realize that writing not only stories that we can read, but also we can taste, and get new knowledge about something, also imagination that can appear in our minds. My interest in writing was more directed after my teacher explained that writing was not only to confide but also for selling. From here, I started writing to help companies to market their products. Besides writing, I like to capture pictures with phone's camera. And give a little touch filter to beautify. That way, I can share moments with cyberspace. I hope, with my creations, I can help the companies in achieving prosperity. Fighting !

All My Thought

Website Content Marketing Labs is a platform that will display writings that are created with a foundation of understanding of how an article should be written properly. After basing my writing skills with the knowledge I gained on the lecture bench, I will work in writing that being the readers needs and desires, in a way by mixing and matching information into an integrated, informative, and educative writing.

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