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We specialize in various content creation services for companies and startups

Mengapa CMLABS ?

CMLABS are home for content experts and marketing who provide practical and clear advice on improving company or sales performance. Do you want to increase traffc organically (SEO), capture potentail customer using paid search (SEM & Display), even make a though plan relating to new website and media.

SEO SEM Display

A mixed dicipline that includes graphic design, writing, animation and information architechture.

Will open in Nov 2019

marketing communication business

Our thinkers try to find how content marketing to marketing plans can be achievable and measurable. We have teams from various backgrounds, such as startups with valuations of hundreds of millions to tens of trillions of rupiah. We at CMLABS share a vision to improve the quality of content in general.

Knowing the content includes to all marketing channels, the content become the core for every creative idea. We understand how difficult a content effort had a place at the company and is not unnoticed. That's because the company's main focus right now is offline and paid marketing which is able to produce more aggressive growth.

But not much can see the potential of a piece of content that is made in less than 5 hours (relativly with content types), at very low cost - even up to Rp. 0, can be a source of tens of thousands of visits to the website on an "organic" or free basis and able to generate additional profits for company up to tens of billions of rupiah.

Article Type Cost /Words Status Writer Level of Satisfaction
Article (Softsell/Hardsell)
Rp 1.500 Available
Image placeholder Image placeholder Image placeholder
Rp 1.000 Available
Image placeholder
Blog Posting
Rp 1.000 Available
Image placeholder Image placeholder
Email Parketing
Rp 2.500 Not Available
Image placeholder Image placeholder Image placeholder
Product Detail
Rp 750 Available
Image placeholder Image placeholder
Rp 3.500 Available
Image placeholder Image placeholder
FAQ or Help Page
Rp 2.500 soon
Image placeholder Image placeholder
Press Release
Rp 2.500 Available
Image placeholder Image placeholder

Note: Prices do not included tax, 10%. Every project we have will use a CMLABS framework called the MBI process which will be fully monitored by our STORY-LABS team, which is rich with ideas and highly dedicated for maximum results, and on time.

Lowongan Pekerjaan - cmlabs

Content Marketing Labs.

We helps brand to

  • Identify and articulate their best stories
  • Choose the most effective content formats
  • Transform stories into robust experiences
  • Create and publish their own content
  • Deliver their stories to the right people
Lowongan Kerja untuk Editor Konten di cmlabs.

creating a better way

cmlabs. is a Indonesia digital content consultant that deeply committed to creating a better way

Best place to advance!

You will meet thinkers, young people, writers, designers, tinkers, technology enthusiast, nerds, journalists, explorers, planners, strategists, and "makers" from various backgrounds and passions.

We are independent people in independent companies who come together to share and create extraordinary experiences.

The best stories will not be forgotten, we all believe in that. They, the best stories were born with us and shaped who CMlABS is today.

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cmlabs Experts

All CMLABS specialist and expert writer have extensive experience and professional in their field.

Kurniawan Manager
Zahir Sr. Designer
Vacan Sr Writer
Margareth Writer
Josephine Writer
Roreta Jr Editor
Ruli Jr Writer
Alvina Jr Writer
Sisca Jr Writer
Shofiyya Jr Writer
Vacan Editor
Vacan UI Designer

cmlabs Team
Experience from various countries, we gather here

Jose Chief Executive Officer
Tann Chief Marketing Officer
Romant Chief Content Officer

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