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Value Proposition: Definition, Elements & How to Create It

Last updated: Jan 04, 2024

Value Proposition: Definition, Elements & How to Create It
Cover image: Illustration of value proposition to increase customer interest in a product/service.

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Value proposition is one of the most crucial factors in marketing activities that can influence customer decisions when purchasing a product/service.

In the increasingly competitive digital era, companies or brands must introduce a strong value to win the attention and awareness of the target market.

The value proposition canvas generally includes key elements such as the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which helps companies formulate and communicate the business value to customers.

Learn more about what is a value proposition, its purpose, and some examples in the following explanation.

What is A Value Proposition?

 Illustration of a Proposition Representing the Core Values of a Brand
Figure 1: Illustration of a Proposition Representing the Core Values of a Brand

A value proposition is a highly useful marketing element to enhance brand awareness and increase customer interest in a product/service.

In marketing strategy, it is the value promised by a business to potential customers. Through this proposition, businesses can communicate the selling points of their products to appear superior to competitors and maximize the conversion rate.

Therefore, the sales marketing team needs to formulate a value proposition and communicate it with the right strategy to eliminate doubts in the minds of customers when they intend to purchase a product or subscribe to a service.

Why is a Value Proposition Important for Businesses?

After understanding the definition of what is a value proposition, let's explore why this strategy plays a crucial role in business success.

In the business world, it can help attract potential customers and directly impact the success of the company. The benefits of a value proposition include:

1. Introducing the Value of A Product

First, it facilitates businesses in conveying brand identity and the value of the product or service from the perspective of the target audience.

If a business can present a value proposition and prove the promises it contains, it can open new opportunities and build deeper emotional connections with customers.

2. Boosting Sales

It is a tool that can help you create motivation and convince potential customers to make a purchase.

By offering unique, attractive, and promising product/service values, businesses can turn awareness into profitable conversions.

3. Improving the Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies

Having a clear design of the value proposition canvas can help businesses in various marketing activities and ensure that each process runs effectively and strategically.

In this regard, the utility of a value proposition is to identify marketing messages for better targeting, understand customer perspectives, and maximize the impact of digital campaigns.

Value Proposition Element

To contribute maximum positive impact, a customer value proposition needs to have supporting elements such as:

1. Uniqueness/Newness

The first element that must be present is newness. This means that the offered product must have a new selling point that has not existed before.

Newness can also include innovations presented through a product/service that are more appealing than those of other competitors. 

2. Customization

One of the good value proposition examples should provide customization elements. This means that the product/service should be flexible and able to offer a more personalized and relevant customer experience.

3. Problem-Solving

A good product should be able to address the demands and issues experienced by potential customers. Therefore, one element that should be present in the value proposition is problem-solving.

4. Performance

The next element is performance. This element encompasses the quality of a product/service. Performance is a crucial element, especially for technology-based products like hardware, software, and websites. 

5. Design

The customer value proposition you build should also have an attractive and relevant design or visualization for the target market.

You should tailor the design of the product/service to the preferences of the target market to enhance overall interest and conversion. 

6. Pricing

It should also provide information about the price of the product/service. While lower-priced products tend to attract more customers, it doesn't mean you have to lower your product prices.

If your product or service has the best quality and is targeted at a specific demographic, it's acceptable to display that price. However, remember that you must emphasize the value of your product first.

Highlight strong reasons behind the price so that potential customers understand that your product or service has premium quality and is different from other competitors in the market..

7. Accessibility

The final element to be explained is product/service accessibility. You need to explain how the product/service is easily accessible to various buyer segments.

Generally, products or services that are easily accessible to everyone without regional, age, or gender limitations will be much more preferred than products with limited access.

Components of The Value Proposition Canvas

Value proposition canvas is a tool that can help you design, illustrate, and understand the values ​​offered by a product/service. It generally consists of several core components, including:

1. Products and Services

Your value proposition canvas must, of course, display the products and services offered to the target market. In this component, you can describe the features, functions, and unique characteristics of the product or service.

For example, if your business offers a web app with innovative features, the product and service description on the value proposition canvas will include details such as speed, security, and functionality that differentiate the application from others.

2. Pain 

The next component that must be present is pain. Your canvas needs to define the difficulties or problems faced by the target customers.

Pain should successfully evoke discomfort relevant to customers so that they feel an urgency to find a solution.

3. Gain

After potential customers feel the need for a solution to their problems, it's time to present the gain. The gain component is the benefits or advantages that customers will receive.

To increase the likelihood of conversion, gains should be tailored to customer expectations and needs, in terms of functionality, emotion, profit, and more.

4. Customer Segmentation

The next component that is equally important is the segmentation of potential customers. You need to know who the target market or potential customers are that the product or service wants to reach.

This segmentation requires you to identify demographic, geographic, behavioral, and psychographic characteristics of customers based on buyer personas

5. Pain Relievers

This component is essentially almost similar to gain. While gain highlights the benefits offered, pain relievers focus on efforts to alleviate or address the problems that customers may face.

6. Gain Creators 

Gain creators are the implementation aspects of the promised value and provide a more detailed explanation of how the product or service will provide the expected additional value.

Value Proposition Examples

Here is one of the value proposition examples that need to be developed to help increase business revenue. 

Example of a value proposition canvas to assist businesses in identifying selling points.
Figure 2: Example of a value proposition canvas to assist businesses in identifying selling points.

When creating a value proposition canvas, you can categorize the involved components into two categories, namely from the product and consumer perspectives.

From the product perspective, you can showcase advantages, features, and user experiences, while from the consumer side, you can provide information related to their needs, problems, and expectations.

How to Create a Value Proposition

If you have mastered the concept of what is a value proposition, the next step is to learn how to formulate the values ​​of a product/service. Scan the steps below:

  • Identify and segment customers through market research.
  • Improve product quality to address consumer problems.
  • Design expenses and profits.
  • Prioritize clarity in every piece of information.
  • Enhance with a supportive design that aligns with the target market. 

That was the complete explanation of what is a value proposition, its advantages, elements, and components that must be included to support the success of digital marketing.

A value proposition is a crucial element in the business scope that can help you design marketing strategies to win the competition with other competitors who have a similar niche.

To achieve maximum visibility and dominate search results for a niche, a digital marketing strategy through search engines is also highly needed.

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