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Everything You Need To Know About SEO Writer

Last updated: Jun 06, 2022

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Figure 1: Image of a man and woman sitting with a laptop as an illustration of an SEO writer. SEO writers play an important role in producing high-quality content to increase the visibility of web pages on search engines.

SEO writer task is very important in the process of optimizing your website. With SEO-friendly content, websites can perform better on search engines. Therefore, having an expert in content writing can help the optimization process.

In this guideline, we will go deeper into the SEO writer profession starting from the definition, tasks, and tips to become a reliable SEO writer for your company.

What is an SEO Writer?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a tactic used to optimize a website. While Writer is a term for someone who works in the writing field. In short, an SEO writer is a person who is responsible for writing SEO-friendly content.

Anyone can become an SEO writer, but this job is not an easy role to carry. The skills that an SEO writer must have are writing techniques and an understanding of SEO best practices. That way, the writing piece can be understood easily by both humans and search engines.

SEO writer is a person who has an important role in helping the products or services marketing in digital business. According to Google's view of consumer behavior, 39% of shoppers are influenced by relevant search results. Therefore, web owners need an SEO writer to provide content that is easy for potential customers to find so that it can lead to conversions.

Difference between SEO Writers and Other Writers

There are several types of writers, ranging from content writers, copywriters, SEO writers, UX writers, technical writers, etc. Each writer produces different writing output according to the field they are involved in.

For example, content writers write articles on certain topics, copywriters write promotional texts or advertisements, UX writers write application copy or other digital products, and technical writers write technical documentation or user guidelines.

The thing that differentiates other writers and an SEO writer is writing according to SEO rules. If other writers need no SEO practice, on the contrary, SEO writers are required to make SEO-friendly articles. They have a primary goal which is to create content that can rank high on the search engines.

The Importance of Writing With SEO In Mind

Writing with applying SEO guidelines is important because it can help web pages rank better in search engines. The higher the site ranking, the more traffic it gets. From this huge traffic, there may be potential visitors who will become the next customers.

Let’s say you have a website that is engaged in the culinary business, then you publish 10 articles each month. Consistently, you do it for 6 months to produce as many as 60 articles. During that time, it turns out that your website has managed to get 5000 traffic. You can imagine how big the potential conversion will be from that traffic.

In addition, if you consistently produce high-quality and SEO-friendly articles, other websites will use you as a source of reference because you are reliable. Also, your readers will be happy to share it on other platforms.

SEO Writer Responsibilities

The main task of an SEO writer is to apply SEO best practices in the content so that the articles perform well in organic search, get high rankings, and can bring in more traffic. Take a look at their responsibilities in the following list:

Doing Topic and Keyword Research

Before producing SEO-friendly content, an SEO writer must be able to do topic and keywords research. This action aims to produce targeted content that successfully reaches the target audience so that it can bring in new potential customers.

Keywords research steps:

  • Determine trending topics
  • Choose keywords that are relevant to your topic and niche
  • Choose keywords that have high search volume and low competition
  • Determine the main keyword and its variants
  • Add long-tail keywords if it is possible


Writing Content With SEO Guidelines

One of the responsibilities of an SEO writer is to write content based on SEO guidelines. Thus, SEO writers need to understand SEO best practices ranging from on-page, off-page, and technical SEO in order to write content that is well-performed in the search engines.

To produce SEO friendly articles, some things that need to be considered by an SEO writer are as follow:

  • Create attractive titles and meta descriptions
  • Create informative, clear, and quality content
  • Distribute keywords throughout the article naturally
  • Add heading structure (H1, H2, H3)
  • Add alt text and captions to images
  • Using link building


Understanding Good Writing Format

As an SEO writer, you need to understand a good writing format. At least an article is composed of an opening paragraph, content, and a closing paragraph.

Make sure that the articles you create contain keywords that users might search for. In addition, you also have to adjust the language style and tone to the target audience so that it is easier to understand.

Delivering Content Clearly

Convey the content clearly. Do not make it difficult for readers to find the information they are looking for.

Long-winded content and lack of relevance between title and content can make users simply leave your website. Indeed, it can increase the bounce rate and worsen the user experience while browsing your site.

Following the Trend

Another task that cannot be separated from an SEO writer is to follow trends. An SEO writer must know what topics or keywords are currently popular. A viral topic indicates how many people are interested and searching for the topic.

This is the right time for you to produce content that is relevant to the topic. The more popular the topic, the more users are interested in it.

In addition, to follow the topic trends, the thing that needs to be done by an SEO writer is to follow SEO trends. It is based on search engine algorithms that are constantly evolving, so SEO best practices are constantly changing. Thus, SEO writers must be sensitive to these changes so that articles always perform well.

Tips to Become a Professional SEO Writer

After discussing SEO writer responsibilities, we will uncover what things you need to do to become a reliable SEO writer. Here are some tips you can do:

SEO best practices are changing all the time following search engine algorithms. If you focus on producing SEO-friendly articles, then it is important to follow the latest SEO writing trends. That way, the article's performance can also last longer.

Learn All Types of SEO (on-page, off-page, and technical SEO)

To produce content that follows SEO guidelines, you should understand the basic concepts of SEO. In general, SEO is divided into three types; on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. Each type has a different optimization strategy, here's what you need to learn so you can produce the best-performing content in organic search.

The type of SEO that SEO writers must learn is on-page SEO, which includes all strategies for content optimization. High-quality content has the potential to increase web rankings, bring in more traffic, and get backlinks from other websites. Therefore, learning on-page SEO strategies is important for SEO writers.

Another thing that an SEO writer needs to master is off-page SEO which focuses more on promotional activities and link building from outside the website. This optimization technique can help SEO writers increase the number of visitors, get more quality backlinks, and increase the credibility of the website

It would be better if the SEO writer also understands technical SEO. This type of SEO focuses on technical optimization of the web to ensure the crawling and indexing process runs well. Implementing technical SEO strategies can improve site performance and provide the best experience for users.

Understanding technical SEO is not an obligation for SEO writers. Except, if they want to switch careers to become SEO specialists. Mastering the technical SEO required at least knowledge related to basic programming and the web.

Create Content Plan

Content planning is all forms of planning carried out in the content production process to achieve the goals. Proper content planning can increase brand awareness and produce targeted content.

SEO writers can use tools such as Google Sheets (online excel application) to make content plans. The content plan created can contain dates, topics, keywords, content titles, and other necessary data. Take a look at the example of a content planning document in the following image.

Figure 2: Example of a spreadsheet document showing content planning data. The image displays several columns consisting of date, topic, keyword, demand, and published URL link complete with the publication date.

Understand Search Intent

One of the things that an SEO writer needs to understand is the search intent of the user's search goal. Thus, it will be easier for SEO writers to choose the right keywords and determine what type of content is suitable for the target keywords.

In keyword research, four search intents that can be utilized by SEO writers are:

  • Informational: implies the user's intention in seeking information related to a topic. The keywords used are for example "Who Invented Google?", "How to Make Fried Chicken?", and so on.
  • Navigational: indicates a desire to go to a certain site or brand. Usually, the user already knows the intended search direction. For example, keywords like “”, “Youtube”, or “Twitter”.
  • Transactional: indicates the user's intention to purchase. Examples of keywords used are “Buy iPhone 13 Pro Max”.
  • Commercial Investigation: indicates the user's desire to investigate the product before making a purchase. Users typically search for product recommendations, reviews, or comparisons. For example, such as "a skincare review under 50 thousand rupiahs".

Based on the explanation above, it is hoped that you can understand better about SEO writer job and their duties. One of the tasks of an SEO writer is to produce high-quality content based on SEO guidelines. That's why we've also included some tips for becoming an SEO writer to guide you in producing the best-performing content on search engine



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