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10 Latest SEO Trends 2024: What Needs to Be Optimized?

Last updated: Dec 28, 2023

10 Latest SEO Trends 2024: What Needs to Be Optimized?
Cover image: Illustration of SEO trends and strategies to boost business online marketing in 2024.

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As the new year approaches, you should start exploring cutting-edge strategies to maximize search engine optimization efforts to their fullest potential. Based on previous experiences, Google's SEO trends consistently undergo adaptation and updates. So, what are the SEO trends for 2024?

Although it's impossible to predict how search engine algorithms will operate, you can still identify some trends that might dominate the SEO world in 2024.

Don't fall behind! cmlabs has compiled essential information about SEO trends in 2024 in the following article. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to every detail in the information provided until the end.

What is SEO Trend?

 Illustration of SEO Trends 2024 Influencing Business Strategy Implementation
Figure 1: Illustration of SEO Trends 2024 Influencing Business Strategy Implementation

SEO trends refer to changes and evolution in the world of search engine optimization that can impact business strategies for online marketing.

By studying SEO trends, you can consistently understand shifts or changes, whether in search engine algorithms, user preferences, search trends, or cutting-edge technologies that play a crucial role in determining the ranking and visibility of a website in search results.

Every business needs to study Google SEO trends to remain relevant and competitive in the dynamic digital world.

By understanding and following these trends, you can optimize your website to align with search engine and user preferences, thereby increasing the chances of ranking well in SERPs and enhancing organic traffic for the long term.

In general, there are several ways you can discover changes and updates in SEO techniques, such as:

  • Analyzing data and statistics directly from search engines, for example, Google Analytics.
  • Regularly monitoring or actively participating in SEO expert communities within specific industries.
  • Following reliable SEO news sources that provide current and factual information about search engine technology.
Illustration of SEO Strategy to Make Website Rank Higher in 2024
Figure 2: Illustration of SEO Strategy to Make Website Rank Higher in 2024 

Prepare your latest strategies and approaches to welcome the new year by understanding the following SEO trends for 2024.

1. Increased Implementation of Search Generative Experience (SGE)

With the advancement of technology, Google search results have now adopted artificial intelligence (AI), almost double from previous years.

SGE is Google's latest innovation in presenting information based on specific queries supported by AI. With SGE, Google can respond to user requests by summarizing information from several authoritative websites.

Based on its usage analysis in recent times, SGE has the potential to become one of the SEO trends in 2024 that can change user behavior and interactions with the search engine. 

Last August, Google announced that the SGE feature had started to expand and could be used in India and Japan. Shortly afterward, Google also opened SGE usage access in 120 countries, including Indonesia.

This makes SGE one of the biggest innovations and expansions carried out by Google. So, how can you optimize content for SGE?

You cannot plan precisely how to optimize Google's Search Generative Experience given its recent implementation. However, to address the SEO trends 2024, you need to improve the quality of the content produced to remain competitive in search engines.

This is because the information presented by SGE will still contain links to content or sources deemed relevant and dominating search results.

2.  Use of Direct Language

To address SEO trends 2024 and prepare for designing an SGE strategy, you can start producing content with direct language. What does that mean?

When entering a specific search query, you must realize that Google search results will refer to a section or text block with visualizations resembling snippets.

Therefore, you are advised to produce content straightforwardly and without unnecessary details. 

For example, instead of providing lengthy explanations in several paragraphs, users and search engines will prefer direct results presented in lists, bullet points, or specific sections. 

3. Prioritizing Fresh Information

Another SEO trend in 2024 is an increasing emphasis on fresh information. Therefore, you are strongly advised to produce article content that contains new information rather than merely quoting reviews from other sources or sites.

Publishing articles that reveal the latest findings, exclusive research, or unconventional perspectives can be an effective way to enhance visibility in search results.

4. Content with In-Depth Research is More Valued

In 2024, SEO-friendly article content that is thoroughly researched or directly validated by experts will have a higher potential to dominate SERP pages.

If users find comprehensive data validated by industry experts in the articles you write, then that content is more likely to:

  • Achieve a higher click-through rate (CTR).
  • Have a significantly longer dwell time (the time users spend on your page).
  • Experience an increased engagement rate.

Therefore, you should start designing an SEO strategy with a focus on improving content quality to meet the E-E-A-T guidelines recommended by Google.

5. Zero-Click Searches

Recently, the phenomenon of zero-click searches has been increasing and is expected to continue evolving in the future.

According to a study by Semrush, as many as 57% of mobile device users leave the SERP page without clicking on either organic or paid content. 

This phenomenon can occur for various reasons. In general, the potential for zero-click searches will increase, especially when users search for:

  • Local businesses or services: Google already provides comprehensive information on the SERP page, eliminating the need for users to enter the website.
  • Information about celebrities or public figures: Search results related to celebrities typically display comprehensive information needed by users, including birthdates, ages, occupations, and career histories.
  • Conversions and calculations: Searches like "How much is Rp12,000 in US dollars" generally provide calculation results directly in the SERP.

To minimize zero-click searches, you can focus on maximizing concise and direct information for content types that may be less effective at prompting clicks.

In SEO trends 2024, it is anticipated that the popularity of voice search will continue to rise.

According to Statista (voice technology-statistics & facts), there were at least 8 billion voice assistants in use by mid-2024. 

This phenomenon indicates that more people are turning to voice search as their preferred method for obtaining information on the internet.

Voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are reinforcing the shift in user behavior when it comes to searching.

The increasing popularity of voice search emphasizes the importance of optimizing your content for more conversational and natural voice queries. To achieve this, you might start optimizing the use of keywords that reflect human conversation styles.

The use of informative and easily understandable questions and answers for voice assistants can also help enhance the visibility of your content in voice search results.

7. User Experience Will Be Highly Prioritized

In 2023, Google emphasized that websites should not only be easy to use but also capable of providing valuable content for users. 

In essence, your strategy related to the SEO trend of 2024 also needs to prioritize how to make your users or visitors feel satisfied, both in terms of the presented information, visualization, and easy navigation on the site. To support this, you can:

  • Simplify the flow or navigation on the website.
  • Improve page loading speed.
  • Break down lengthy content into paragraphs that are easier to read.
  • Prioritize users who use mobile devices.


8. Shopping Features and Merchants Will Be More Noteworthy

Forbes estimates that the global e-commerce market share will continue to increase to 8.1 trillion by 2026. As much as 24% of purchases are made through online platforms.

Therefore, if your business is in the e-commerce industry, you have the opportunity to increase its visibility online because Google has released 9 new tools that support businesses in optimizing revenue through search engines.

9. Build and Prioritize Topical Authority

Search engines like Google are beginning to rely on topical authority to find industry experts who consistently answer user questions. 

To make your site an authority in a specific niche, you need to cover all aspects of a topic.

Additionally, try to present this information with in-depth discussions. Ensure that your articles are not limited to definitions but also cover practical examples, data percentages, graphs, and real-world case studies.

10. Semantic Search and Natural Language Processing

Semantic search is an effort to generate accurate results by analyzing the search intent and context behind it. 

Semantic search takes into account how a user would speak by combining a number of words or phrases. This search interprets search results by processing natural language or Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri all use artificial intelligence (AI) that heavily relies on NLP. Therefore, one of the SEO trends 2024 that you should follow is aligning your search engine optimization strategy with how your audience conducts searches.

That was all the explanation about SEO trends 2024 aiming to help you navigate what aspects and strategies need to be prepared.

To face and actively participate by implementing search engine optimization based on these SEO trends, you can understand the search intent, behavior, and context.

If your company needs to update or improve its performance in search engines, then you need to partner with a trusted SEO agency.

SEO services by cmlabs will help you enhance online visibility, acquire quality organic traffic, and build domain authority through search engines.

With cmlabs, your brand will be more optimized for SEO and have the opportunity to rank high on search engine results pages (SERP) and become a leader in a specific industry.

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