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SEO Strategies for Profitable Online Business During Ramadan
Cover image: Illustration of a profitable online business during Ramadan and how to market it

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Implementing profitable online business ideas during Ramadan can increase your chance of getting more money.

Not only that, the benefits of online businesses that are in demand during this fasting month can help you grow your business long after Ramadan is over.

For this reason, promoting online selling businesses during Ramadan can present an opportunity to maximize profits.

The increased consumption of several products in the month of Ramadan is an important factor to consider in this regard.

In 2021 alone, spending on groceries and gifts in Ramadan increased by 8% from other times of the same year.

The increase in expenditures for the above needs also increased to 9% in 2022, despite significant price increases in several sectors.

From these data, it can be said that profitable online business promotion needs to be done with the right strategy to obtain maximum results.

Before understanding how to promote a profitable online business during Ramadan, you need to know the various ideas that we have presented in this article. Let's look at the information in this article.

7 Types of Profitable Online Businesses

profitable online business
Figure 1: Illustration of implementing profitable business ideas during Ramadan

Many types of businesses exist in the market, be it products or services. Sorting out which type of business is right for you is a crucial stage to complete.

During Ramadan itself, the types of businesses that experienced an increase varied. However, most of those that experienced an increase were the FnB and automotive sectors.

Whether it's for household needs or Eid gifts, food and beverage is an online business area that is profitable during Ramadan.

In addition, the automotive sector also tends to experience an increase in sales during Ramadan. This is due to the homecoming tradition, which makes people need vehicles to meet their transportation needs easily.

To give you an idea of the best-selling online business ideas during this fasting month, here are some ideas that you can implement:

1. Selling Snacks

Take advantage of this holy moment to earn more profits by observing selling trends in the market.

One trend that has never experienced a decline in prestige during the month of Ramadan is the business of buying and selling dry food.

Every year, Muslims almost always celebrate Eid with various kinds of snacks that are always ready to be served in the home owner's living room.

Therefore, it is only natural that the demand for dry food or snacks during Ramadan is always stable, with customers always waiting.

It can be said that the business of selling snacks has a great opportunity to generate profits for the perpetrators.

For those of you who have expertise in cooking dry snacks, this idea can be applied when Ramadan arrives.

For self-promotion, you can do it in the last few weeks, when many customers are looking for dry snacks for Eid.

2. Selling Clothes Online

Apart from dry snacks, one of the profitable online businesses is selling clothes through digital platforms.

Similar to shopping for dry snacks, buying new clothes for Eid is a Ramadan tradition that Muslims in Indonesia never miss.

Offering clothing online has become an alternative and even the main shopping choice chosen by consumers since the pandemic.

Even today, shopping for clothes online is still much loved by various levels of society in Indonesia.

For this reason, it would be a shame if this profitable online business idea was not implemented during Ramadan.

3. Frozen Food Supplier

Online business ideas that are in demand can be obtained by looking at household needs based on unique habits during Ramadan.

Not infrequently, people are too lazy to cook at dawn. Therefore, stocks of frozen food are a quick choice for consumption needs in this fasting month.

Usually, consumers will search online for the frozen food they want before making the final decision to buy it.

The online promotion of this product can bring more profit if it is done correctly and targets its consumers.

4. Eid Hamper Delivery

One of the traditions attached to Ramadan is the delivery of Eid hampers. Usually, hampers come with a special "Happy Eid Al-Fitr" greeting from family, institutions, and colleagues.

Hampers or Eid gifts also vary. However, on average, the most popular hampers are for dry food.

In addition, this Eid gift can also be made more unique according to the ideas and creativity of consumers.

If you wish to offer this service, start looking for unique hamper ideas that might make your business different from competitors.

5. Selling Prayer Sets

During the holy month of Ramadan, the sale of prayer sets experienced a significant increase in profit.

This, of course, can be used as a profitable online business opportunity. You can start looking for suppliers of worship tools and offer them online.

Apart from providing this service yourself, you can also become a reseller or dropshipper for an online store that already exists on the e-commerce platform. 

6. Eid Envelope Business

One of the things that is simple but often forgotten is the Eid envelope. This moment of celebration after Ramadan is still full of the tradition of sharing with others.

Therefore, there will be many requests for envelopes for THR Eid. You can meet consumer needs by selling these products online.

Envelopes for this Eid usually do not require a lot of capital. Generally, the selling price set ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 rupiah.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of you reaping more profits. You can expand on this envelope idea with something unique and more premium.

With unique designs and better quality than competitors, you can also build a brand identity in the fierce market competition during Ramadan.

7. Car Rental Services

To prepare for homecoming, many people are willing to pay for the purchase of a car. However, this big expense can be minimized by renting a car.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this Ramadan moment by opening a car rental service and promoting it through searches on search engines so that you can reach more target audiences and potential consumers.

Promoting Online Business During Ramadan with SEO

online business promotion with seo
Figure 2: Illustration of online business promotion during Ramadan with SEO 

After recognizing the profitable online business ideas during Ramadan, you can recognize how to promote them efficiently with SEO.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing channel that doesn't rely on paid advertising.

Here, businesspeople only need to focus on website optimization to strengthen their position on the search results page.

The use of SEO for promotional needs during Ramadan is a marketing option that should be considered.

Marketing methods with SEO for Ramadan strategies focus on achieving organic traffic that is obtained from clicks on search results pages.

Some of the crucial stages in implementing this marketing strategy are:

So that predetermined online business marketing can produce optimal results during Ramadan, you can use SEO services from experts in their fields.

With SEO, the performance of online business websites that are profitable during Ramadan can increase so that their position in the SERPs gets better.

As your website pages appear in strategic positions on search results pages, your business will become increasingly recognized by the target audience and attract their attention so that they become customers.

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