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Google Local Guides: Definition, Benefits, and How to Do It

Last updated: Jun 20, 2024

What Is a Local Guides on Google?

Google Local Guides is a Google program that provides information related to places. Google Local Guides is driven by a community of Google Maps users from around the world.

One of the unique things about Google Local Guides is the fact that any community of users around the world can write reviews, check facts, and edit or add information about a place listed on Google Maps. 

With Google Local Guides, you can find a lot of new info on Google Maps, such as addresses, routes, operating hours, contacts, related photos, and user reviews. 

Then, what are the benefits of being a Google Local Guides? In short, Google will award points and levels to users who contribute to Google Local Guides. The more points you can earn, the higher your level and the more benefits you can enjoy.


How to Earn Points on Google Local Guides

To deepen your understanding of what is a Local Guides on Google, you should know that this program values your effort with points. 

There are various ways to earn points, such as by leaving reviews, uploading videos, or listing places.

However, you have to remember that Google can't combine activities from multiple Google accounts into points. This means that it is the activity done by one account that will be counted as points by Google.

The following are the ways to earn points on Google Local Guides. 


1. Writing Reviews

The first way to contribute to Google Local Guides is to write reviews on places you have visited. 

You need to make an honest and detailed review and tell your experience in that place. Apart from writing about your experience, you can also include photos that support your review. 

This not only contributes points but also increases the visibility of the place on Google Maps. Each comprehensive review will contribute ten points and reviews that exceed 200 characters get ten points. 


2. Upload Photos or Videos

As mentioned earlier, you can upload photos and videos to support your review. The photos and videos you upload can increase other users' trust in the places you visit. So, they can see what the place is like before visiting it. 

Each uploaded photo will give you five points, tags will give you three points, and videos will give you seven points. 


3. Giving Ratings

Besides giving reviews, the next thing you should know about what is a Local Guides on Google is to give a rating to a place. Please also be aware that each rating given will give one additional point. 


4. Ensuring Information Accuracy

To understand what is a Local Guides on Google, you have to know that it also contributes to maintaining the accuracy of information on Google Maps by checking addresses, titles, operating hours, and other information. 

This is done to avoid the spread of misinformation and spam. If you find misinformation or want to update information, you can edit it. You can also confirm and verify particular information.


5. Answering Questions

The way to earn points in Google Local Guides is by answering user questions on Google Maps. The points earned range from one to three, depending on how often the question comes up. 


6. Creating Place Lists 

Furthermore, when you are learning about what is Local Guides on Google, you should know that this program can create a list of places on Google Maps, such as a list of users' favorite places. 

Local Guides can also share the list of places or keep it private from users. Sharing a place list earns ten points while adding a description earns five points.


7. Adding Places 

In understanding what is Google Local Guides, you should know that this program allows users to share places. This means that Local Guides can add recommended places that are not already on the list of places. 

You can add related information, such as descriptions, photos, and contacts. The points earned for adding places is 15 points. 


How to Become a Google Local Guides

When you're learning about how to become a Google Local Guides, you need to register a Google account and choose your current location. 

Local Guides are available in all places covered by Google Maps with more than 40 countries and languages. Local Guides are also not affiliated with businesses, so business contributions are not considered at the level. 

The requirements to become a contributor in Google Local Guides are as follows.

  • Be at least 18 years old. 
  • Have an active Google account. 
  • The registered Google account is not a business, organization, or Google Workspace for Education account.
  • Comply with applicable requirements, such as not containing advertisements and personal information and damaging reputation. 


What Are the Benefits of Being a Google Local Guides for Local SEO

With the contribution of Local Guides on Google Maps, such as providing reviews, Local SEO ranks on Google Maps. In addition, positive reviews on business Google Maps can give a good impression to customers and potential customers.

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