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Article Headline: Definition, Types, anf How to Make It

Last updated: Aug 25, 2023

What Is Headline?

An article headline is the main title of a piece of content published both offline and online. Usually, the article headline is located at the top of the content and becomes one of the factors that attract readers to read the entire content.

Article headlines should be made using interesting keywords, yet represent the content. Because a unique article headline that contains irrelevant content can reduce someone's interest to read thoroughly.


Article Headline Functions

The function of the article headline is to make the target audience interested in reading the contents of the published content to the end. The content can be in the form of advertisements, news, or articles. Therefore, it is one of the things that really determine the success of the content.


Types of Headlines

There are many different types of headlines that you can use for your content. The types of headlines are as follows:

Direct Headline

This headline is also referred to as a direct title where the author will explain the purpose of the article clearly. With this, readers can see the contents of the article clearly. For example "5 Ways to Increase Website Speed"

Non-Direct Headlines

Non-direct headlines are the opposite of direct headlines. The keywords in this type use certain terms that explain the contents of the article implicitly. The goal is to make readers curious and read the article to the end. For example, “Secret Website to Achieve High Ranking in Search Engines”

Brand Headlines

A headline that contains a brand or business name. This type of headline is used to increase brand awareness so that readers can identify the organization or company that runs the business. For example, “Stay Tune for Latest Feature Launch from cmlabs 3.0”

Curiosity Headline

Curiosity headline is a title that contains certain keywords and triggers the curiosity of the reader. This type of headline is commonly used in article marketing, affiliate links, and others. The more unique the headline, the more curious the reader will be and read the content to the end. For example “Organic Visits Increase in 1 Week, Here's the Strategy!”

Question Headline

Question headline is a title that is written in the form of a question to the reader. Of course, the content of the article must provide answers from the headline. Usually, the topic of the questions asked is adjusted to the things that are of great interest to the target reader. For example, “Want to Rank 1 on Google? Follow the SEO Checklist Below!”

Benefits Headline

Benefit headline is a title that emphasizes the benefits that readers will get. The more attractive the offer, the headline will attract more readers. This type is used to create containing certain offers. Examples such as “50% Off for New Users” or “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”.

News Headlines

News headlines are titles used in news articles or important announcements for readers. This headline allows readers to quickly find the main focus conveyed by the author.

It is used to provide announcements related to new products or services offered by a company. For example, the headline for the launch of the cmlabs website follows: “cmlabs Launches New Website on January 10, 2022”.

Testimonials Headline

Testimonial headlines are titles that contain honest customer reviews or testimonials about a product or service. This headline is used to increase customer trust in a brand. Examples of headlines such as “This is a Person Who Successfully Improved Web Performance with Our SEO Services”.


How to Make Article Headlines

Creating an article headline is a tricky process. You need to have the creativity to make article headlines that are communicative and attract readers' interest.

In this SEO terms, we will explain how to create an article headline.

Adjust the Headline to the Target Market

Before making an artice headline, at least you need to know the target audience, the product or service you offer, and the writing media used. For example, you are targeting a male audience aged 25-30 years to buy your gadget products through Instagram media.

By clearly knowing these three things, you can produce headlines that match the persona of the audience. This allows you to reach your target audience and address their needs.

Add Number in The Headline

Headlines with specific data can increase reader engagement. Because the addition of numbers in the headline can make the human brain more curious and want to know more about the content.

Keep Headlines Short

Adjust the length of the headline with the space available. That way, the headline can be seen comfortably by the reader. For example, for Google's SERP, the title should not exceed 600 pixels in length to avoid truncation.

Use Headlines in the Form of Questions

Headlines in the form of questions often make the target audience curious about the content. You can also add a CTA (call-to-action) in the headline to provide direction for users to find the answer in your content.

Tell Why The Content is Important

Another way to make article headlines is to use keywords that explain why the content is important. That way, the target audience can understand why they should read your content. For example, keywords used such as tips, methods, strategies, and others.

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