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Written by cmlabs | Mar 23, 2021

April 29th, 2019. After going through discussion, analysis, and making market projections, as a first step to support the SEO enterprise, the three founders officially established cmlabs in Jakarta. The office, which is located in North Jakarta, began the long journey of this cmlabs company.

Work Environment

A happy and professional work environment is what we prioritize at cmlabs. We believe that a solid, creative, critical, and active team starts from the comfort of working. As a company that continues to grow, we certainly need passionate individuals and professionals in their dedicated field. Here are several teams who help us to keep growing up!

cmlabs Team

As a company that continues to grow, we certainly need passionate individuals and professionals in their dedicated field. Here are several teams who help us to keep growing up!

Meet cmlabs’s strongest assets, our team. We love to share our company's values and maintain employees' well-being for the sake of great results. See more.

Available Services

cmlabs is here as an SEO consultant to help your business grow at the enterprise level. We are a company that specializes in SEO services and tools that support SEO activities. As consultants, we provide SEO service packages covering local markets (Indonesia), Southeast Asia, Asia, and Global.

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Intellectuals in our era are trying to find out how marketing content can be accomplished and observable to marketing plans. Our teams come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, such as businesses with hundreds of millions to tens of billions of rupiah valuations. At cmlabs, we are aiming to enhance the overall content quality.

Our team acknowledges the challenges you face when the contributive effort of the company's lucrative content, most of the time goes unnoticed. With any innovative concept, understanding the content encompasses all marketing platforms, the content is the center of the main idea. This difficulty arises because the main focus of the business right now is offline and paid marketing which can drive a much higher growth.

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Here is the officially recognized list of our team members. Please caution against scam activities and irresponsible individuals who falsely claim affiliation with PT cmlabs Indonesia Digital (cmlabs). Read more
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