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10 Ways to Pick a Good Domain Name for Your Business

Last updated: Sep 27, 2022

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If your business wants to venture into the digital world, the first thing you must do is own a website and other social media that represents your brand. Before having an official website, of course, you must know how to choose the right domain name.

Your website's domain name is an important element that reflects your brand on the internet. Therefore, choosing a domain name must be done properly so that it is easily found by the target audience. Check out this guide to find out how to choose the right domain name.

What is a Domain?

Domain is the identity of the web server or computer that is used to access a website. Domains usually end with extensions like .com, .id, .org, and so on.

Without a domain, you have to type in a series of numbers known as an IP address to access a website. With the use of a domain, however, users can access the website easily.

Examples of Domain Names

Before learning how to pick a domain name for your website, it's a good idea to know an example of a good one. A good domain name should be easy to remember, easy to type, not including a lot of numbers, can potentially be used in a long term, has never been used before, and uses appropriate extensions.

You can also choose a domain name based on your brand or product name, keywords related to your business or topic, and include geolocation. Some examples of good domain names are:

  • cmlabs.co
  • storylabs.id
  • tiketresmi.com
  • studioliterasi.com
  • kulinerkota.com
  • museumnusantara.com
  • advontura.com
  • teknohacks.com
  • bundatimes.com
  • animalogi.com
  • inklusiuang.com
  • otohacks.com
  • bursagadget.com

10 Ways to Pick a Good Domain Name

Figure 1: Illustration of the domain name of a website. The domain name is a very important aspect of the website. Hence, the selection process can not be done randomly.

A good domain name should be easy to remember as well as including unique elements that make it stand out. Here are 10 ways on how to pick a domain name:

Use the Brand Name as the Domain Name

The first strategy on how to pick a domain name is to use the brand name as the domain name. It is important to note since a website is one of the branding media that has been relied on by various companies.

In order for a website to increase brand awareness, the domain name must be the same as the brand name. This method also makes it easier for your audience to find your business website.

Make It Short so It’s Easy to Remember

The next way on how to pick a domain name is to find one that is short and easy to remember. When the audience wants to access the website, they will type it in the browser search field or through search engines like Google.

If you go through Google, it will be easier for your audience to find your website, especially if you have already got a top ranking and created a business profile on Google. However, what if you haven't had one yet? Audiences must manually type in the domain name.

This will be inconvenient if the domain name is too long and difficult to remember so that direct traffic coming to your website is reduced. As a rule, it is advisable to create a domain name that contains not more than three words.

Create an Easy-to-Type Domain Name

In line with the previous tips on how to pick a domain name, a good domain name should be easy to type. That is, the vocabulary in the domain name must adapt to the audience.

Imagine if you used a domain name with German vocabulary that is difficult for your Indonesian audience to spell. Again, you will potentially lose direct traffic to your website just because your audience is having a hard time typing in the domain name.

Avoid Using Many Numbers and Hyphens

Actually, the use of numbers in the domain name is not a problem as long as it is necessary. However, these numbers will interfere with the user experience if used too much and without a clear purpose.

Aside from being difficult to memorize and type, a domain name with lots of numbers will make it difficult for the audience to understand the type of business or the content of the website. The use of hyphens or hyphenated words should also be avoided so as not to confuse the audience.

Insert Target Business Keywords

Another method on how to pick a domain name is to insert keywords related to your business or website topic. One of the tips for displaying your website pages in the SERP is to use the target keyword as the domain name.

However, the thing you should avoid is using common words only in domain names. Apart from being difficult to understand, your domain name also becomes less attractive as there is nothing that makes it stand out among many other websites.

You can outsmart it by combining keywords with brand names or with other unique words. The point is, you should make sure the domain name can easily stick in the memory of the audience.

If Necessary, Include Geolocation

Figure 2: Illustration of the geolocation used as a domain name. The use of geolocation on a domain name can be one of the strategies for implementing local SEO.

If your business or website only wants to focus on a certain location, then you can use that location as a domain name. This method of how to pick a domain name with geolocation can help websites carry out local SEO strategies. This strategy allows the website to rank for keywords with specific locations.

A geolocated domain name can also tell audiences about the location of a business or provide information about a website topic that focuses on a specific location.

Think of Long Term Potential

Domains are assets that you will use for the long term. There's no way you can replace it every one or two years because domain names that change frequently will confuse your audience.

In addition, when your website changes its domain name, there is a possibility that website traffic will experience a significant decrease. Websites with changed domain names must re-optimize their website's SEO from scratch.

Therefore, one way to choose a domain name is to look at the long-term potential of the domain name. This way, your website can avoid unwanted problems in the future, such as limiting business opportunities in other fields, decreasing brand value over time, and so on.

Pilih Ekstensi yang Sesuai

Ekstensi atau TLD (Top Level Domain) adalah elemen yang berada di bagian akhir sebuah domain. Fungsi dari ekstensi domain adalah sebagai informasi atau identitas dari sebuah website. Salah satu tips memilih nama domain adalah dengan memilih ekstensi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan.

Here are some examples of extensions that you can use as needed:

  • .com extension: The most popular and widely used website extension in the world. If you use this extension, it's more likely that your audience will find your website easily.
  • .id extensionccTLD or country-based extension, namely Indonesia. Suitable for websites that only target audiences for certain countries. Examples of other country extensions such as .uk, .ua, .my, and so on.
  • .org extensions: Extensions for non-profit organizations or non-profit organizations.
  • .net extension: Extension for websites related to the internet and telecommunications networks.
  • .edu extension: Extension for educational websites or educational institutions.
  • .store extension: An extension for business websites that sell online.
  • .co extension: An extension commonly used for the company's official website.

Choose an Unused Domain Name

The next tip for choosing a domain name is not to use a domain name that is already in use or similar to other websites. Each domain name can only be used by one website. If the domain name is already in use, then you can not use it.

Maybe you can try to use a different extension or a slightly changed domain name to be similar to the domain you are after. However, it is important to note that it is not advisable to use this method.

Similar domains will leave your audience confused about which website belongs to your company. In addition, if the domain name or brand already has a patent, then it will become an issue later with the law.

Buy a Domain Name from a Trusted Party

The last way to choose a domain name is to buy a domain name from a trusted party. This is crucial because if you buy a domain name randomly, you can get a domain name that has been used or banned due to illegal websites such as gambling or pornography.

Thus, an explanation of tips for choosing the right domain name for your website. Now is the time for you to apply these tips before creating a website. After buying a domain name and creating a website, your next task is to optimize your website with SEO.

You don't need to be bothered and confused about increasing website traffic and ranking in the SERPs because SEO Consulting Services will help you implement the right SEO strategy.



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