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Google Algorithm Update 2022: The Broad Core Update

Last updated: Jun 23, 2022

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Figure 1: The image shows a blue sky with Google writing as an illustration of an article that will discuss Google's algorithm update. Read more in the following article.

In line with the search engine's main mission, which is to provide users with the most relevant results, Google regularly updates its algorithm to improve the engine. Recently, on May 25, 2022, Google announced that the Google algorithm update had been completed.

So, what are the updates to the algorithm this time? And how does the algorithm affect SEO implementation? Find the answer in this guide below.

What is Google Core Update?

Google core update is a search algorithm update that is constantly carried out by Google. It's been 6 months since the last algorithm update was in November 2021, now Google is back rolling out a broad core algorithm update, meaning that the update will be carried out as a whole.

Actually, Google often makes small updates several times a year, but Google does not make large-scale announcements. Unlike the case with the Broad Google Core Update, where Google made an announcement so that web owners and content creators can prepare for the impact of algorithm updates.

These regular updates designed by Google aim to improve the overall search quality. In addition, Google also wants to provide a better user experience.

Quick Facts on Google May 2022 Broad Core Update

We have summarized some facts about the broad core algorithm update in a shorter list below:

  • Update Name: Google May 2022 Broad Core Update
  • Launch Date: May 25, 2022
  • Update Target: this update affects all types of content in all regions and languages. It even affects Google Discover, rich snippets, and other features.
  • Penalties: this update does not provide penalties, but will be reassessed by Google to reward or promote good quality web pages.
  • Effect: Google doesn't say what percentage of queries or searches were affected by the update.
  • Recovery: the update will affect the website performance, if your site is affected then you can perform a performance restore following the guidelines suggested by Google.
  • Update: Google will also update this algorithm in the future.


The Effects of Google Core Updates on SEO

Every time a Google update is launched, it will refer to the same Google guidelines so that this update will not be much different from the previous version of the Google algorithm update.

This update is not focused on a single search quality factor, algorithm updates are carried out extensively to increase the relevance and credibility of search results. This update may have some major effects on site performance, such as decreased or increased browsing performance during the update.

Although it is still too early to assess what effect the Google core update will have on SEO, it is possible that ranking fluctuations may occur during this time. However, Google also mentions that you don't have to worry too much about the ranking volatility phenomenon.

How to Deal with Google Algorithm Updates

You don't need any special steps to deal with this general and comprehensive Google algorithm update. Just follow Google's guidelines and make sure to provide high-quality content so you can anticipate the effects of the Google algorithm update.

Here's how to deal with Google algorithm updates that you can do:

Follow What Google Suggests

Whenever a Google algorithm update is released, Google provides advice on how web owners and content creators can prepare for and adapt to the broad core algorithm update.

What Google is trying to convey is don't try to take certain actions or fixes during this algorithm update period. Because there may be nothing to improve on your website. Google recommends that web owners and content creators always follow Google's guidelines which haven't changed since 2019.

Following what Google suggests, means that every website needs to provide high-quality content. To serve that kind of content, web owners must at least provide the following requirements:

  • Content with accurate information, reporting, research, and analysis
  • Content has a substantial and comprehensive description or discussion of the topic
  • Content with an in-depth and engaging analysis that provides insight to readers
  • No plagiarism
  • The page title provides a summary of the content and is useful, and does not contain clickbait


Focus on E-A-T

Figure 2: Illustration of E-A-T which includes expertise with a red symbol indicating the site's expertise, authority with a yellow symbol representing the site's reputation, and trustworthiness with a green symbol indicating the site's credibility.

Google guidelines mention E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) as one of the things that are important in SEO. These three metrics show that a website has content written by experts, has a good reputation in the industry (same niche), and is trusted by both users and search engines.

Some sites that don't prioritize E-A-T experienced quite large ranking fluctuations during the Google algorithm update. However, some specialist websites with a specific niche focus perform better than generalist websites. This is the reason to focus on E-A-T is the right strategy to deal with Google's algorithm updates.

The strategy that can be done to optimize E-A-T is to ensure that the website has presented comprehensive content, has authority in the niche in which it is involved, is written by reputable or expert authors, and every content has been reviewed by experts if necessary.

Ranking Volatility Is A Common Thing

Ranking volatility on Google's algorithm update which is also known as the Google Dance phenomenon is a natural thing experienced by most websites. You might think that your website's ranking drops are because you've done something wrong, so Google penalizes you.

In reality, ranking drops occur because Google is re-evaluating the content on your site and then giving it a more appropriate ranking. Therefore, when ranking fluctuations occur, you don't need to panic and rush to take certain actions.

The repairs you make may not guarantee restoration of website performance. So, the right strategy to deal with ranking fluctuations is to stay focused on serving the best content so that your website will be recommended by Google as a relevant search result for users.

That is the discussion regarding the latest Google algorithm update 2022. These regular updates may affect your website's performance in organic search. However, you don't need to worry, keep producing high-quality content and continuously monitor website performance through Google Search Console to anticipate any effects caused by the Google Core Update 2022.



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