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Content marketing helps to enhance conversions because it allows you to connect with and educate your leads also customers. You can become a trusted resource and people return to sites that they know and trustworthy. Go check your needs below here.
SERPs Tracker for Enterprises

Redefine collaboration
Build on Google best practices
Automate entire SEO workflows
Actionable keyword data
Create precise and flexible SEO activity
Developed for multilingual market
Secure your organic market lifecycle
Encourage better integration

Notes — cmlabs Analytics (SERPs Tracker) helps ensure that enterprises follow the search engine guidelines baked into company pipelines all the way from the first line of marketing activities. Our actions allow you to have better approach into technical and strategical SEO planning. Tap into advance level of organic marketing for your amazing company from now.

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Boost your organic traffic with right content planning
One Time Order
6 Months
12 Months
>12 Months
A media that has a big amount of traffic but the quality of the content can be fluctuating (ex. Republika, Kompas, and Antara News) Big Media
Normal Price
Est. 3-5% Discount
Est. 5-10% Discount
Est. 5-10% Discount
A media that could provides a big amount of traffic but still manage to have a good quality content (ex. The Jakarta Post, Techinasia Indonesia, and Tempo) High Quality Media
Normal Price
Est. 3-5% Discount
Est. 5-10% Discount
Est. 5-10% Discount
A media that based on each regional area. It could be the branch of a big media. (ex. Inside Indonesia, and Jakarta Globe) Local Media
Normal Price
Est. 3-7% Discount
Est. 5-10% Discount
Est. 5-10% Discount
A media used to write anything on the Internet by an individual Blogger
Normal Price
Normal Price
Est. 3-5% Discount
Est. 5-10% Discount
cmlabs Content Marketing
Last update at Mar 30, 2021
What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing has been developed for decades in the USA and Europe. Today, along with the technology and information improvement, and an increased number of internet users in the world , SEO and Content Marketing have become one of the most popular marketing channels, especially targeted to internet users. However, in Indonesia and Asian countries, this marketing stream is not widely known due to complicated justifications that create a huge gap between business people and companies to reach the sales. Coming from the same reason, cmlabs develops a sustainable plan to introduce brand owners to content marketing and its benefits.

Content Marketing is a marketing approach strategy to distribute the value of a product or company in order to attract audience attention through content to gain profit. Not only that, with content marketing it is also expected to stimulate action from a specific or targeted audience to purchase the product. The intended target audience is the individuals with the needs or desire to use and take advantage of a product or company.

What is Content Marketing cmlabs

cmlabs also provides Content Marketing services. This service facilitates clients to place their content (articles) in the media or online publishers. This service includes:

Defining the target audience
cmlabs helps clients in publishing articles and focuses to reach the target audience
Projections of the visitors number to the article
cmlabs makes projections, comparisons and the growth of the number of visits during and after using Content Marketing services every month.
Target engagement
cmlabs compiles and collects data related to target engagement from article placement in media and online publishers.

Articles published in the media or online publishers contain relevant and consistent information based on the value of the company's products. This article is public, accessible by anyone from various backgrounds and is not limited to age, education level, and other matters. Why should you use cmlabs Content Marketing? Here are our plus points:

cmlabs provides information about the duration of their articles in an online media or publisher
Users get reports every month for the published articles.

Not only that, to optimize the expected results from content marketing services, clients can take advantage of other services at cmlabs, namely content writing, where articles to be published in media and online publishers will be made and handled by our content writers that are adjusted according to SEO standards.

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