SEO Activities to Help CSR
Cover image: the illustration of how a business could pay its CSR through SEO. This article will show you how it could be something possible

The reach of SEO for business activities will be wider, not limited to how to bring up certain brands for relevant keywords in relation to commercial purposes.

So far, cmlabs SEO services reach in helping to solve client problems has left the domestic market, Indonesia. As of February 2022, we have reached Singapore and Kazakhstan, of course with a rich variety of SEO goals. From this point, we try to provide information that can help company executives identify the company's SEO needs, at least starting from Indonesia. That's because we see our services have not reached more companies and the optimization goals that are expected are not rich enough.

Main Issues

  1. SEO activities are restricted to traffic, commercial, and supporting technical optimization purposes.
  2. SEO Marketing is not yet a priority.
  3. Optimization activities only occur within the technical scope of the website and those strategies deemed necessary.

Different business sectors produce different clusters of SEO plans. The following are some companies that will be used as examples, to find out what optimization activities are most appropriate for each company.

  • PERTAMINA: pertamina [dot] com
  • DONGGI SENORO LNG: dslng [dot] com
  • KALTIM PRIMA COAL: kpc [dot] co [dot] id
  • KRAKATAU STEEL: krakatausteel [dot] com
  • KERETA API INDONESIA: kai [dot] id

Companies with a lot of assets, and/or a lot of employees, and/or a lot of consumers are vulnerable to positive and negative news. The news is then followed by reactions (from employees/consumers/communities around production / other activities), positive, neutral, and negative reactions. When so many reactions are published, both offline and online, the cumulative of this moment will come to sentiments, the positive, neutral, and negative sentiments. Further, it will have an impact on the sustainability of the business and the company.

If it is narrowed down, company executives or the Marcom team (marketing communication) have three quick choices, namely:

  1. when the news comes, the company has made an explanation on the given topic;
  2. when the sentiment starts to show, the company will come up with an explanation;
  3. when sentiment has created a new story, the company will come up with the explanation;


The reasons that can be presented for each choice can be justified, or at least always 1 choice that is dominantly the best. Because the choice is conditional. In the positive news example, choice 1 may not be the highest priority, it is the third option that is favored. This is because a positive response should be responded to when a crowd has occurred. It allows the company to show up at the right time and the company's answers will reach more people.

If we go back to the three available options, it will raise the question "where are the consumers or anyone associated with your brand going to ask?" Yes, search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Will answer 1 determine the direction of understanding of those who ask? Yes and no. Before getting there, please note that when someone asks a question they don't always expect a single answer, especially in search results. The behavior of search engine users is to expect a variety of answers from several points of view. The point of view of the news media, blogger's writings that are considered most relevant, and the company itself.

In a structured and massive marketing communication plan, with a large budget, complicated and lots of work, brand owners can manipulate every information that is displayed in search results. How? When an issue arises (intentionally or unintentionally) the marketing team at the company can turn this moment into a marketing activity to benefit the company. Whether it's positive, neutral, or negative news. Moments like this have a high intensity of attention from the public. So, even with a planned approach, negative news can be turned into an advantage. Therefore, this discussion leads us to SEO in helping CSR activities. This is what we call SEO activity out of the ordinary.

The efforts made previously must be carried out carefully from the planning process. The main objective of this activity is to increase the company's exposure to potential and current consumers. Although in general cases like this occur more commonly at the level of large companies, there are still certain conditions that need your attention. In SEO and marketing, we strive to provide feedback to whatever action is needed even for jobs that are considered small (we still adhere to the priority queue list). 

Content keywords

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Explaining the stages of optimization activities directly to the mentioned companies in certain business sectors. It directs the reader to arrive at feedback on the three main issues attached.


Some processes in writing are based on the author's knowledge (from books, scientific, and non-scientific writings online, work experience). In this writing, we do not claim that the content is flawless, free from inconsistent information, and does not consist of questions or skepticism. If the author finds an error, then the author will update the writing. If the author gets a correction to their previous understanding, then the author will also update it.


One of the goals of this article indeed is to give more exposure for cmlabs in search engine results in relation to targeted keywords (such as csr, etc.), and to capture readers who want to understand this topic further on our social media platforms use (one day maybe we will publish this article to one or more official cmlabs social media accounts). If you find answers to problems related to the topic of this article, then please consult our marketing team.

Rochman Maarif

Rochman Maarif

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